Maintenance by Mileage Recommendations

Getting ready to make some purchases for my annual winter bike maintenance…

How many miles do you put on a Chainrings? Chain? Cassette? Cables? Jockey wheels?

I understand conditions and cleanliness may affect these, FWIW.

BTW-I use a waxed chain, and generally keep everything very clean. I rotate between 2 chains. I get rained on a half a dozen times per year, but usually clean everything off right afterwards. I ride about 5,000 miles per year total. Shimano 6800 everything, except dura ace chains.

My gravel bike needed a new chain at the 700km mark. My internally routed cables need replacement at around 1700km. Road bike components will likely last a lot longer. I was washing my bike every second ride due to all the mud & dirt.
If you stay on top of the chain your crank/cassette will last a lot longer. Mine are still going strong.

Get a Park Tools chain checker tool. The 11-13 speed chains need to be replaced much sooner (@ the .5 mark on the above chain tool) than the 8-10 speed chains (@ the .75 mark on the above chain tool).

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