Maintaining Fitness / Edge for the UK Hill Climb Season

This year I’ve done SSBLV1&2, General Power Build LV then Criterium Specialism LV, though with a few extended workouts and additions. I did three weeks of Criterium, then a rest week before our cycling holiday / completely unstructured training camp.

Since the big spike in training load from 8 days in Girona, I’ve been doing much less TSS in the weeks proceeding races (red dots, hill climbs around 4 mins), running through the last two weeks of the Criterium plan. Looking at this chart I’m cruising along in the “Fresh” zone. I have four races this weekend, only one next week on Sunday 20th, then the National Champs on the 27th (14 min all out effort).

Should I continue to do little work over the next two weeks, or can I schedule a hard week next week? The race on the 20th is a B or a C event, just keeping my race game on point, so I don’t mind being fatigued for it. My concern is that a hard week next week won’t get me past the “Grey Zone” so it won’t actually be very helpful, but then if I keep doing easy weeks I’ll end up in the “Transition” zone which is bad too…!

If I do a hard week, what kind of intervals should I do?