Lutsen 99er 2024

Maybe a random question… Is there some secret to people wearing eye protection late into the race?

I had some 100% sunglasses that I put clear lenses in. Pretty quickly in the mud they became more of a burden. I spent awhile wiping them with a finger, outside at first but then eventually I had mud inside and outside that I was wiping away. My lackluster MTBing skills made it apparent I was better off putting them away and being able to see my lines and where rocks and ruts were clearly.

I kept looking around at other racers later in the race seeing them wearing clear glasses still, wondering how in the world it was possible. I even attempted to get mine out again and really clean them during a gravel section but immediately in the mud they became more of a hinderance and I gave up on them. I was rubbing grit out of my eyelids most of the night :laughing:

If it was only a couple guys I wouldn’t think much of it but I felt like the majority were still wearing glasses up where I was… Finished 5:17.

It was either that, or in my eyes constantly. So, I chose to just deal with it and kept wiping with my arm / glove.

In fact, still dealing with a mild corneal abrasion anyways from getting dirt in my right eye.

I carried an extra bottle of water for that reason inly

From the Facebook group, corrals currently expected to be updated “end of this week or beginning of next”

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Mine were toast 3 minutes into the race. Immediately fogged up. I put them in my jersey to wear once the fog went away. I got water at the first aid and tried to rinse them off because they were now muddy. Put them on for about 5 minutes before they were back in my jersey for the rest of the ride. I have no idea what the solution is.

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Carry an extra bottle w water and squirt them clear. Worked all day for me.

Under 4 ? Put them to bed at 830. Get into the garage with a wrench at 915 (because bedtime is a thing, I personally remember, including my son breaking my nose with the back of his head).

I haven’t ridden late night recently because mine are all in travel sports now… I have to ride either early AM, at lunch or right after work (if their practices don’t all start too early).

Just tell your wife she needs to put the kids down because you have bike maintenance to do. No chance that would lead to your brother-in-law becoming the favorite son-in-law…

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