Lunges for Cycling

Are lunges a good exercise to improve your strength on the bike?

If you’re looking for good workouts to integrate into your routine, these are our top 5 exercises for cyclists!

As for lunges, I don’t see why they wouldn’t improve your strength on the bike. A lunge works your glutes, hips, hamstrings, and quads, which are all part of the equation for a strong lower body and strong pedal stroke.

And with all strength exercises, be sure that you are adhering to the proper technique to prevent any kind of accidental exercise-induced injury.



Backward lunges are a great way to do them with less stress on your knees. You can do these weighted, carrying as much weight as you’re comfortable with.

Kneel-to-stand is also a good exercise. Can do them weighted holding a weight in the same way you would when doing a goblet squat.