Lower cadence muscles soreness...Does it get better?

I tried doing a sweetspot session around 90 rpm compared to my usual 100+…

Wow my legs are toast still from yesterday. Does it get any easier or am I damaging my joints? I don’t feel any pain just very sore.

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If you’re over ~85 you’re doing fine. Spinning at 100+ all the time sounds miserable, but you do you.

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Typically, 90 rpm is well above the cadence where you see excessive strain on joints. You should be fine in that regard. When you get down to 75 rpm or less, that’s when you need to be extra careful, if you haven’t built up to that loading.

That leads to a general recommendation. Make cadence changes gradual, and not overly long in the beginning. Start with changes around 5 rpm, and reasonable time.

For the muscle soreness, you just need some time and exposure to the lower cadence, and you will adapt.