Low FTP, give me hope

I started at about 126 for my FTP and now am about 162 after a year. I hope to be higher but am happy where I’m at. I also run so my focus isn’t entirely on cycling.


Hi Im 61yo and my first attempt on ramp test give me 123 after 2 wo session i repeat test the Result was 121 from these numbers I Have much road to eat meeting from Italy

OP here… completed sweet spot base 1, including a few where I had to bump up the effort. Now at 137. Not as much as I’d hoped, but we’ll see what happens after another 6 weeks.


Congrats on the bloody awesome result! That’s an increase of almost 20 in 6 weeks. Keep it up!

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16% in six weeks is nothing to scoff at! Nice work and keep at it!

1.5 year of studying myself and ftp stayed around 180~200. I learned that my body recovers slowly and overestimate of ftp negatively affect my training and mental condition. Now I adjust my training accordingly.

I started SSB I MV with ftp of 190W(64kg). This week is start of SSB II MV and test result was 195W. General health condition is good(Last year I experienced burnout after base phase). Saw many people in this forum experience enormous boost of ftp during base phase, but that’s not the case of all people. Let’s be consistent to our training and learn from that. That will bring us to the higher place.

I think I was 176 to start, now 264.


173 here. Just ramped at 257 last week and broke 3.5 w/kg so pretty ecstatic about that.


Lots of room for improvement! And nothing wrong with finishing towards the back. You achieved the distance ,many people couldnt. I would suggest you look at the low volume sweetspot base, then follow it with ssb2, before you think about a speciality plan. Ive heard coach Chad say consistency is key . That and making sure youre getting sufficient recovery, and your nutrition is right. Wow, Tunnaboras quite hard, I think I started with Petit :smiley:
The other thing that helps me, is ,listen to the TR Podcasts. There will some that are relevant to yourself ,and your training progress.

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Well, if you want to do a century in NW Ohio I would do it with you. I am not fast and I’ve never done a century either. You can do an out & back on the Wabash Cannonball Trail and never fight traffic (though some of it is gravel). If you are not ready for a century we could do 100k.

After a year of riding I bought a powermeter and I it turned out that I was around 180W, a year later I was 266, so just keep riding :slight_smile:


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