Low Fodmap Ride fuel/food

I agree it is depressing, but I got used to it after a while. I am going backpacking for 10 days later this month and I had to build my own meals from scratch. There is not a single low-fodmap, vegan, gluten free meal company out there. Business idea? :thinking:

Anyways, to answer your question I have not had any major issues with maple syrup when I am carb loading prior to a big ride. I have not thought about putting it into a beverage though. That is an interesting idea.


Hi again everyone! So I’ve just come across Nosht, low Fodmap sports snacks/nutrition. Has anyone heard of or tried them before? Looks like they ship worldwide too https://nosht.com/

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looks nice, but really pricey.

I would personally just opt for fresh foods on the bike. I have a revelation too: Maurtens works a treat with me, no distress at all! :smiley:

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