Looking for a workout player

I don’t know where else to ask, it’s not exactly TR applicable, unless TR implements the feature request to do this. So, I’m looking for a workout player that can.


  • TrainingPeaks import
  • 2 timers, workout timer and total time such that pausing the workout to maintain workout time, does not stop the total time.
  • file export of said workout does not shunt together paused work
  • TR can move the “cursor” back, especially during a bathroom break, but that gets tedious, and something you have to remember to do.

Zwift does this already, and so does Xert.

Zwift is good, but not really wanting the whole Zwift thing at the moment
Xert doesn’t import TrainingPeaks workouts, even if it did, converting the numbers would be a pain.

Rouvy Workouts does not do this. TrainerDay does not.

Any suggestions?

My Garmin 530 does most or all of your want list.


I have the 830 but for whatever reason I don’t like using a head unit on the trainer. Towels block it on a mount and if I put it on the table in front of me, can’t see it well.

I’ll try it again, but had some oddities with switching trainer modes. too many steps to switch, and it toggles back to ERG automatically on the next interval and then Garmin crashes. Granted only used it a few times, but the experience wasn’t stellar. The TR app is really good, except for the timer.

I would prefer a phone/tablet app (bigger screen) or macOS as a last resort.

I’ll try the Garmin for today’s workout and see how well toggling erg and slope works, as a refresher. It might have changed.

Over a year ago I moved training inside to being more like outside by using resistance mode. Then stopped dual recording because of some very minor disagreements between TR recording via Bluetooth and ANT+ recording on Garmin. Figured it was easier to have one source of truth, and one player interface for inside and out. Very happy now. Never tried running Erg with Garmin, no experience with switching modes on Garmin.

Yeah, some quirks there. I got some random switches, to slope mode, during the workout, I don’t know what that’s about. I didn’t try setting slope/resistance, but will give that a go tomorrow.

I take it you didn’t pair as “indoor trainer?”

I’m using Garmin 820 for this. Sometimes I import TP workouts but most of the time I just set manual power and that is fine for me.

The only problem I had is power match… i have PM and Suito combo and I use PM for readings so usually I have diff between target power and readings

How do you like your edge 530? I just ordered one that should be coming in this week. I’m coming from an edge 800.

Not sure how Training Peaks is implemented, but I often used PerfPro - its got a free trial, so worth giving it a try to see it suits your needs
PerfPRO Studio - Products

If I remember to create a work out in TP (I’ve only the free version so I limited how far in advance I can create a wo) I play it in the premium version of RGT which auto syncs the wo.

Correct. At the start of workout I use either TR or Wahoo app to put Kickr into standard/level mode. Just a few seconds in the app to set the mode while warming up. Standard/level mode the resistance gets harder the more power you put out, so I set it once and then typically use 2 or 3 gears for the workout.

Good overall value, features, and it’s fast. Like everything in life there are tradeoffs. Sometimes I wish for the touchscreen 830. Usually playing with screen layout during workouts (recovery intervals), but it would be nice if phone and web setup was supported like with Stages Dash.

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I have the 830 and my son the 530. I have the 800 as well. It’s faster, has some nice features like Climb Pro (but only if you are navigating a route). It’s quirky, I have WiFI enabled, and BLE, but for some reason rides only upload through the phone via the BT connection, which is both annoying and extremely slow.

The messages and notifications from the phone can be annoying at times, and when navigating the directions are voiced on the phone in my backpack (can turn it off I believe).

The battery life is much better, at least 2x.

Navigating the menus on the 530 is awkward, in comparison to the 800 and 830. The screens are a bit different, as is the UI as expected.

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Notifications turned off on my 530. WiFi upload working on mine, as best I can tell. But some quirks as if it gets confused and can’t decide if WiFi or BT should be used for upload. However I’m riding 4-5 times a week and I’d say 90% of the time the ride uploads instantly and the other 10% it takes a minute or two.

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I get upload failed all the time and have to launch Connect on the phone and do “sync.” It takes 5 minutes for that sync to complete.

I should probably reach out to them at some point. It’s faster to connect a USB cable to my computer.

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If that happened to me I would remove Garmin from phone’s Bluetooth, remove phone from Garmin, and remove Garmin from Connect mobile app. Toss in a reboot of phone and Garmin. Then pair Garmin with Connect mobile again.

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@bbarrera @iamholland
Thanks for the feedback guys! Just picked it up today and gonna see how it goes after my first charge.


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