Long term plan - your feedback?

My current plan is coming to an end so I’ve started thinking about what to do next.
I have an idea but would love getting input from the TR HiveMind

Background and goals:
41 y/o male currently at 3,7isch W/kg with little to no weight to loose.
Goal is general fitness - no racing but I like long rides both off and on road( and doing the local fast groupride). Also I’d like to put some muscle mass back on upper body that I’ve lost focusing on TR-plan. (I used to race sailboats and am ready to start again, need to be stronger for that)
Started TR in september last year but have ridden bikes and done other aerobic sport for as long as I remember, sometimes with structure and sometimes without.

This is my current thinking going forward:

  • July and August - just ride, enjoy the summer and fitness I have… Incorporate 1-2 workouts/week using Train Now. Ease myself into weights-training 1 session/week
  • September 1st - Start planbuilder plan setting an “A race” Gran Fondo in mid January wich will be perfect for my skating fitness. Set second “A race” as rolling road race early June.
  • Set mid Oct to mid Nov as “time off” in PB - ride 1-2 workouts/week using Train Now but prioritize gym over riding. This is in part to combat that I felt mentally pretty tired 3/4 into this past plan.
  • Resume plan mid Nov

Plan will be LV to leave room/time for gym twice/week and “just riding” on weekends.

So - what would you do different? :slight_smile: