Long Slow Rides - Effect on PowerLifting

I am new to cycling and found TrainerRoad and super excited about everything.

I sort of jumped right in to a long (for me) bike commute to work. It’s 17 miles and takes me an hour. I’ve been pretty steady at 4 days per week.

I basically just shredded my body and gutted it out and I can do it now without crazy fatigue. (I know that wasn’t ideal but it’s whatever…partially a mental challenge and partially my stubbornness).

I don’t see myself enjoying 3+ hours bike rides at this point in my life. My commute and leisurely family weekend rides is all I want for now. I would like to get faster and fitter.

I’m wondering how the long rides will effect my strength with power lifting? I want power lifting to be my main thing even if that means not reaching my full potential cycling. Wondering if in my case it’s best to avoid or limit those?

thank you for any input and thank you for a great info packed forum.

Keep them as far away from your lifting as practicable. Preferably far enough away to put at least a nap between them or even better a full night’s sleep.

Unless the riding causes a large amount of systemic fatigue, it shouldn’t wreck your lifting. If it does, you’ll soon know it and can adjust as appropriate.

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Episode 341 did a deep dive into this. In short there’s not much “interference effect” and as long as you have enough recovery in your schedule you’re fine.

I’ve got a lifetime of endurance sport and a year of lifting under my belt now.
To be brutally honest, they don’t play well together.
My happiest place is lift all week then purely ride at the weekend. It’s hard to switch mentally between the two but it’s the best way I’ve found to make progress in both.