Loblaws/Superstore cycling nutrition products (Canada)

Hey folks,

I am looking for some nutrition products to experiment from a Superstore/loblaws. Last year, I came across the CLIFF bar boxes which has 12 energy bars/box and it made a huge difference in my nutrition. I find this much easier to eat and store in my back pocket compared to bananas. I also came across hydralyte(electrolyte tablets) which didn’t make any difference to me on long rides(I am already eating a high salt diet).

I was looking for these SIS gels but apparently it is not available in superstore. What nutrition products/supplements from the superstore do you buy which helps you fuel for rides?

I just happen to live close to a superstore so I can ensure a reliable supply FYI

For those of you not in Canada, superstore is a grocery chain.

Gatorade powder. That’s the only cycling related product I buy from Superstore.


From Superstore; Gatorade and Table sugar are your best and likely only bet. I started mixing those two 50/50 to get up to 60g/hr. Check out this thread for more ideas.

I put in an Amazon order for Maltodextrin, fructose and Sodium citrate to start making my own drink mix for training. For races, I will
stick with Gu Roctaine which I order from

Also; if you are looking for whole foods, consider fig bars and dates. I find dates to give a pretty quick energy boost (pre-ride).

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I buy a lot of my on-bike nutrition from superstore because I’m cheap/lazy :joy: Some of these might differ by region but here are some of my regulars;

-Gatorade obviously, but my local store also stocks vega products including their electrolyte hydrator which I really like. I think there’s also a PC electrolyte drink with coconut water, but I haven’t looked at the nutritional on that so not sure how appropriate it is for cycling.
-The Honey Stinger chews/bars/waffles are really good!

Not specifically ‘sports nutrition’ but I often use these on the bike to cut costs;
-fig bars
-dried fruit (might not be great if you’re not used to fiber)
-Those sunrype fruit bars/straps
-Fruit snacks
-Those crappy no name waffles (haha)

Thanks! I am lazy too lol.

Gatorade makes my thirst worse. Will try the table sugar soon!

Was reading another “carb” thread on here, mentioning how G :zap: isn’t the best/most optimally formulated liquid and could possibly lead to making your thirst worse.

It works! As I’ve recently discovered, however, I’m giving some serious rethink to the whole ‘sugar only’ approach. Might be ok for those <2hr workouts, but like Gatorade, it’s far from an optimal mix.

Larabars and Nakd bars. Whole food carbs great for the jersey pocket and are delish.

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Save your money and buy dates instead. Put them in a baggie for your jersey pocket.

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I have a lot of cliff bars now. I will aim for 2 cliff bars/hour and see how big of a difference it will make in this Friday’s endurance ride. 1 energy bar contains 44 g of carbohydrates.

Will try sugar the next time.

2 bars per hour? ~500 calories per hour seems like A LOT for an endurance ride. I don’t get near that much while racing half ironman triathlons, but of course everyone is different. However, if you need that many calories for an endurance level ride you’re likely not riding at an endurance level and/or your fat burning ability could use some serious focus.

Superstore is going to be limited beyond just bars though. If you want to try some different gels or chews you could try a local bike or running shop, or even Sport Chek.

Costco for Clif Bars and Sesame Snaps. MEC for Clif gels.

You can also get a big box of stroopwaffles for pretty cheap at Costco - - very similar to the Stinger waffles, but much cheaper. :+1::grinning:

I’m going tonight. I’ll check for them. Thanks.

They look like this.


+1. I’ve been buying the smaller packs at the grocery store - even those are great value (compared to Honey Stinger waffles) for those long indoor rides.

I think these ones are sub-$9 for the pack and go on sale for sub-$7 from time to time.

Another vote for the PC coconut water based sports drink. 3 flavours to choose from though I’m not a fan of the lemon-lime
Cliff bars regularly go on sale, no need to pay full price. They have been my main fuel source for endurance events for years
I do buy some of the cheap protein powder (vanilla) whey or pea protein to conveniently add protein to yogurt or oatmeal etc

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I guess I gotta try the PC coconut water! the superstore nearby has been stocking a lot of cliff bar boxes lately and the brownies are my favorite!

Banana peanut butter cliff bars all the way!