Little Cup, and another question

Hi, newbie here. Could someone tell me why only some of my completed workouts have a little cup in the top left of them in Calendar when i’ve successfully completed them all?

Also, i’m pretty sure my Endurance progression was at 6.8 prior to completing a 2hr Endurance 5.5 ride today but my progression seems to be the same. Is this normal?


The little cups show power PRs which is why you won’t see them on every workout.

Is your PL now 6.8 or 5.5?

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PL is still at 6.8

That’s normal. Doing a workout below your level doesn’t automatically degrade it.

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Thank you Scheherazade.

So the only way to increase PL by doing something above current PL?

Doesn’t seem right that a 2hr endurance run doesn’t get you a small bump at least, especially as the only way to increase PL is duration…… to keep the intensity low.

It makes perfect sense - you have completed workouts at 6.8, which are harder than the 5.5 you just did, so there is nothing to suggest you have improved anything.

The problem with PLs is that it doesnt reflect your fitness as many think - it just shows the ‘level’ of workout you have completed in each category. The real picture is that completing more workouts slightly below your PL (as per your example) will actually be developing your fitness. PL doesn’t measure your fitness though, it just suggests how hard/valuable a session may be for you based on your recent traning history.

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In addition to the explanation from Bigpikle, it’s worth noting that other sports, like running, will not feed the progression levels.

If you haven’t already seen it, here’s a primer on Progression Levels: ; there’s also some more FAQs at the bottom of that article.

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Thanks guys :+1:

This doesn’t seem right to me.

The PL Help states " Progression Levels are a dynamic, real-time representation of your fitness and ability to express your FTP across each training zone."

As said, my Endurance is currently at 6.8. Richman is double the length, both these options are characterised Productive, but only Richman would increase my Endurance PL… by 0.1?

Screenshot 2021-11-08 095527

This is probably due to Richman dipping below 75% FTP multiple times where Bays +1 doesn’t beyond those brief sprint recoveries. Things that go into the Workout level can include total duration, time spent in zones, recoveries, intensity and duration of rest between efforts, etc. Sorry for the confusion!

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