List All Devices Used in Workouts (Feature Request)

Currently, we can see the “Power Source” at the bottom of the “Power Zones” section of completed workouts.

This is nice and can be useful, but is lacking compared to the other data that is captured in each TR workout.

I would like to have a complete list of devices for any data within the file. Ideally, it would use the same naming as shown in the “Devices” section where we setup and maintain the connections, for consistency.

  • Trainer / Resistance Source: (Smart Trainer or Virtual Power)
  • Power Source: (Smart Trainer, Power Meter or Virtual Power)
  • Cadence Source: (Smart Trainer, Power Meter, or Cadence Sensor)
  • Heart Rate Source: (Heart Rate Monitor)
  • Speed Source: (Smart Trainer or Speed Sensor)

Hey Chad,

To play devil’s advocate here, what conclusions are you looking to draw from this information?

The reason we display the power source is that some power meters read higher/lower than others, so it is valuable to know the source because it allows you to compare apples to apples, and identify discrepancies that could be introduced as a result of multiple power meters.

On the contrary, the exact accuracy of your cadence, heart rate, and speed are a bit less important and vary less from sensor to sensor. If you could expand on what you would use this information for, I can include your use case when I pass the suggestion onto the team for a better chance of implementation.

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Part is pure tracking to know for sure what devices were in play at that time.

  • If using a power meter, you have know idea which trainer is used. I end up doing training on different trainers for testing and general progression over time.

  • On occasion, when looking back at older workouts, it would be helpful to know which of my several trainers I used at that time. I can add notes to cover that stuff now, but it would be great to capture what is already coming from the paired devices.

  • It may also be useful in watching trends over time and comparing other devices.

  • You are exactly right that most of those are low accuracy items. But the trainer and power meter would be the most important if a restricted implementation was needed.

  • Also I know we get a host of questions from some users wondering if they were in Power Match or not. Perhaps this data could be useful to confirm what was in place and could shed light on situations when people are doing trouble shooting?

Also what connection is being used - ANT, BT…

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Thanks Chad, I’ll pass on your suggestion to the team. I agree that knowing the trainer, power source, and PowerMatch status could make troubleshooting a bit easier :+1:.

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