Let's see your paincave!

Are those for cats or puke? :smiley:


Hahaha, it is. When my kids were younger that would entertain them while I rode.

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Showing the wife this now! :wink:

Me trying to justify keeping the bikes in the pain cave (e.g. my fiancé‘s office :sweat_smile:)


Awesome set up! You have my taste for bikes! Well done!


I love that you have a bike scale.


Considering the amount I have spend on super weightweenie stuff (8g bottlecages, 15g Computer Mount, 42g inner tubes, 89g padded Saddle, 115g D-shaped Seatpost, 85g Stem, 130g pedals, 2x 160ish g Handlebars, 1400g deep section disc specific wheels) it would really be a crime not to know how much that actually amounts to. Although all this stuff really doesn’t aid performance much. More of a „purchase for the sake of having it…“ Sounds rather stupid :sweat:


Or rather a purchase for the sake of bragging about it :joy:

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„Hey girl, you know how light my bottle cages are?“

  • I am the man at every party with this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Most of my purchases are for the sake of having it. Enjoying what you have isn’t 100% related to performance its more than that.

If it makes you happy then :+1:


Here’s my small 48 sq ft pain cave for you guys.

  • KICKR w/ music stand for the iPad for TR. TV for movies.
  • CAP 6 ft rack from Amazon (anything taller would hit the loft).
  • Dicks Sporting Goods 300 lb weight set.
  • 2x 6x4 stall mats for the weights and ab workouts.
  • Ceiling mounting from Amazon for other bikes.



Revenge of the Sith, huh?

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Nah, Trek Madone by the looks of it


yep! watching Star Wars in “Machete Order”. Bikes are Maddie the Madone and White Lightning (Speed Concept)

Username does not match. Tell me more about the bottle Cage, inner tubes, saddle, stem, and handlebars. I need to know specifics for research :sweat_smile: How far into weightweenies are you? :joy:

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I’m shopping for a weight bench right now. what/which bench and rack do you have?


How does your carpet fair with trainer directly onto it? Always worry I will ruin it under the bike with all the sweat and grease…

Sweat I’m sure plays a role but the carpet will be torn out anyway eventually, I clean it every few weeks under the bike.

Side note: having carpet under the trainer like that, and bringing the feet up a bit allows the trainer to told side to side a bit like a Neo

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Macy MD857, but would not really recommended it. It was the only decent thing I could find in my country (Nicaragua). Build is not great, squat rack no very adjustable.