Let’s see some Tri/TT rigs

What was the feel of climbing/cornering on the Speed Concept like that made you not enjoy it?Got a SC recently but haven’t ridden it outside yet.

The weight of the bike was surprising. I felt (as did a friend) that the SC was built to go forward in a straight line. It is super sleek, sexy and was my dream bike. It was very stiff, shocked at the stiffness actually from my first ride. But, it just was not responsive in turns and climbing was cumbersome. I also didn’t like the base bar. It gets super slick when sweaty. I put griptape on mine (skateboard shop). Still my favorite looking bike, but liked the ride of my transition better. Climbing was no different for me than my roadie.

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My first 70.3 got cancelled so I went and did a self -supported on my frankenstein 2011 P4. I’ve spent most of my time on this bike on the trainer, and wasn’t used to the vibrations of bad roads. My shoulders were on fire by the end. Only upgrades looming would be a disc cover and a true TT helmet. Thoughts/critiques?!



new to cycling and triathlon… signed TR at the pandemic and so far getting a lot faster… very happy with it.
Pic is from a local Olympic Tri last month. I think i can manage the position to a half distance… for sure not for a long distance…

any thoughts?


The position looks quite good from the side.
I am surprised how far up your handle bars are, yet your head is so low.
Are your upper arms as short as they appear on the image, or are your shoulders just very far apart.
If the latter is true, you’d likely benefit from a generally narrower position.

My fitter raised my bars slightly and placed my elbows slightly wider and my hands slightly closer together to enable me to more naturally hold a turtleneck position for longer. I think to open up the hip too. I’ve not raced on it yet to see how it affects things, but it seems good on the trainer. It looks like you could maybe experiment with that.

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take a look on this front pic (head was raised for some reason…)
my shoulders are to large (ex swimmer problems i guess) I tryied to narrow the elbows moving the pads inside but i felt like i haven´t narrowed my shoulders and had my breathing affected.


Widening the elbows but narrowing the hand is supposed to help me breathe. Like I was saying I haven’t raced it though but it does feel good on the trainer.

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That´s pretty much what i did. See that my hands and elbows are not aligned and hands are pretty much touching each other… I did felt confortable breathing that way… I think you will feel good racing as well.

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Do you mind if I ask what bento are you running, and how well does it fit the top tube?

I don‘t think narrowing the elbows further will help you help you significantly. You apparently have quite wide shoulders anyway, so making them narrow might be you biggest gain (in terms of frontal area).
To give you a direction, make a plank in front of a webcam or mirror, and see how you get you shoulders higher (relative too your head) and narrower. From that you might be able to extrapolate if you benefit form a wider elbows, narrow hands position (I myself ride in such position).
Your position looks good in general, but likely the frontal area is the biggest factor holding you back. Also, in the long run, if you can keep your head low enough, you might benefit from a wider helmet (Met Drone, Met Codatronca, Kask Mistral, POC Tempor). It likely doesn’t increase your frontal area, but might well reduce your coefficient drag, by leading air more efficiently round your shoulders and over your back.


well understood. appreciate the support and insights.

thank you!

Your position is a bit unorthodox, but that isn’t to say it can’t be fast. Only prove that out…but if you think you can just “manage” a half-distance in that position, I’d be concerned about how you then feel on the run.

That said, I think having your hands and arms so tight is a bit deceiving and you are not as low as you may think you are. If you look at the plane from your hips to your shoulders, you are actually angling up a fair amount.

If I am 100% honest, I’d say that bike is too small for you…the compact position, the fair number of spacers, etc. ideally, I’d stretch you out, get your elbows just past vertical. You can then get lower without having to actually lower your pad stack. Not only that, I think your current position is exacerbating your shoulder issue, forcing you into a horizontally rounded back. If you stretch out, you could then “collapse” your shoulder blades together, which will help tuck your head in and narrow your profile.

But I gotta emphasize that is based on somewhat “standard” fit orthodoxy. If your position tests fast, rock on.


thanks. seems logical regarding the stretch. i’ll do some testing.

I would echo what has already been suggested, I think that stretching your position out will lead to some decent aero gains… once you get your elbows past vertical, you will find it easier to bring your elbows closer together, round your shoulders and your head will “fall” into the gap that you have created.

The side view of my position is above, but this is it from the front…

Subtle changes will make a big difference so make small changes and then test, test and then test again before moving on.


Bento is the Profile Design ATTK IC. Doesn’t fit the top tube at all - yikes. I have it ziptied in position and the brake cable running through the front keeps it in position-ish. I knocked it off center a few times with my knee while eating/drinking but was able to correct it with a little nudge. Definitely considering having rivets installed at an LBS.

Tri rig has a rivnut installation video which i used to put them on my toptube… took less than 5 minutes and worked a treat. super easy and my bike hasn’t fallen apart at all

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While the risk factor from installing rivnuts in the top tube is probably pretty low, it will absolutely void your warranty. So while the frame likely wouldn’t fail from the rivnuts, if you ever had any other issue, Cervelo would be in their rights to reject a warranty claim…even if it was not related to the rivnuts.

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very nice! damn sure this en par with 2021 “super bikes” + great position on top of it :v:

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Being a 2011 storage frame I bought second-hand, would any warranty be still valid? Might be worth just making do with the zip ties