LEL (london edinburgh london) 2022

A bit less chilled than @PhilW . Although I have not gone this long before just on a bike, I know I can finish. Unfortunately for me I signed up for the 100 hour finish… just before life got busy and consistency not as ideal as I would like. I do know that I can do the time and work with limited sleep etc so as long as I dont get any serious issues or mechanicals should still make the 100…:crossed_fingers:

Anyway as you say a few weeks of work left including one more hilly 300 for me. Will do the same and fit new tyres etc over the next couple of weeks so bike is being ridden ‘race’ ready for a bit of time! The countdown is on…

Thanks all, and best wishes for a good LEL. I have developed severe spinal stenosis (probably hidden for years), with sciatica so bad I need a walker. So had to scratch LEL for this year—truly heartbreaking, as I don’t know if there will be another chance.

But I will be thinking of all of you!

Donna M. Orange

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Difference between sub 100 hour and sub 125 hour is mostly about stop time. Not about moving time. In 2017 first Brit back averaged 22 km/h moving and managed 75 hours elapsed. Longer route this year but you get the idea, keep your stops short.

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My training plan has a rest week after the 600, then 2 weeks more training, then a 2 week taper. So including this week, 4 weeks of “proper” training.

:smiley: I met someone the other week who is on the 100 hour start and reckons they’re doing it in 3 days… He is a lunatic.

I think theoretically I would be fit enough to do sub-100, but it very much depends how I cope with the lack of sleep especially towards the end. So I am glad that I don’t have that added pressure - I just want to make sure I finish!

That’s my plan for the 600, ride everything as it will be for LEL. “Keep Pedalling” bikepacking shop in Manchester - super friendly and have bent over backwards to get my dynamo wheel built in a week so I can have it in time for my 600.

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In 2017 only one rider finished in under 3 days, and the route is 80km longer this time. Good luck to who ever you met. Do you know their rider number or name, so we can check after the event to see if they managed it?

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And so that I make sure i stay off their wheel when the gun goes off as they are clearly going to blow early. Or I will anyway :grinning:

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Doing that math me must have stopped for basically 10 hours over the 75… I think I will stop a tad more than that…

No, didnt get it - they were the boyfriend of an acquaintance and we had a quick chat at a party. Introduced to me in a “talk to him, he’s doing that mental ride you’re doing” way. Can’t remember his second name either to Strava stalk… He wasn’t drinking, I was. Left early, presumably so he could get up and train - clearly a more serious athlete than me!

To be fair to him it was expressed as an ambition.

The first riders back don’t sleep and the very first rider’s longest stop was 17 mins in entire event.

That’s phenomenal really… I can suffer but that is misery to another level :joy:

He said it thought it harder for the full value riders. He only rode through two nights, setting off Sunday 5am and finishing Tuesday evening. Most 100 hour riders will ride 4 nights whilst 125 riders are going through 5 nights.

600 complete - 622km (including the ride to the start from my house), 25h 38 moving, 33.5 elapsed. Somehow was the second rider back which I wasn’t aiming for.

Duration NP AP HR
363km 14:27:23 164 137 135
259km 11:06:10 149 121 119

Key learnings -

  • Power/hr for the first day (and throughout) needs to look more like the 2nd day… NP around 150, less than 55%. Didn’t help that there was a big climb early on the first day. I felt like I could push on more towards the end of the second day, but I was riding with another guy who was suffering for a lot of it. On the first day it was very windy for a time and I was with 4 other riders, stayed with them for some shelter which meant a few more digs than I’d like.
  • I need more sleep - got to the overnight control around 21:30, ate and went to bed around 10, asked them to wake me up after 4hr so got maybe 3hr broken sleep (other people arrived throughout). It was just about OK yesterday, but I won’t be able to do that for 4 nights in a row. There was one point around maybe 9am where I was really sleepy and had to stop on an inviting village bench for 15 mins.

I did start to feel surprisingly good towards the end again though, which is promising.

All in all not a bad outing for a first official audax!

Good stuff. Not long now, just under 5 weeks till you’ll be waiting to get going in your start group.