Leadville White Corral Sub 9 Finishers

Hi all…is there anyway of knowing which corral sub 9 finishers started from ? Thanks

The results don’t explicitly show what corral each person was in but if you did a full dump of results into excel you could figure out what corral each person was in to fairly high accuracy using their Chip Start Time per below. Anyone with a 6:49 or later chip start time was in white.

Wave 1: 6:30am – Gold AND Silver
Wave 2: 6:32am – Red
Wave 3: 6:35am – Green
Wave 4: 6:38am – Purple
Wave 5: 6:41am – Orange
Wave 6: 6:45am – Blue
Wave 7: 6:49am – White
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Now that is a brilliant answer. Just want to look at pacing from white. I’m guessing strategy may well be different to other corrals.

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Keep in mind that will only work for last year since that is the first year they implemented wave starts.

You may want to check out the following recent episode of LT100 podcast that talks about wave starts have affected pacing from White corral: ‎Leadville, The 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race Podcast p/b Shimano: S5E05: The First Climb of the Day on Apple Podcasts

Generally pacing strategy has changed for most corrals because wave starts have eliminated congestion on the early climbs and correspondingly reduced the need to go hard early to get ahead of as much congestion as possible by St. Kevins. If the podcast info is accurate though it doesn’t sound like the wave starts helped White corral as much last year because there are so many more people in White than other corrals. So if you’re trying to go sub-9, you still probably want to be first in line within the corral and push harder earlier than otherwise would be advisable.

I can only personally speak to Green corral since wave starts, and indeed the congestion was a complete non-issue other than upper goat trail.

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Clearly i’m being a bit dense but no idea how to drop results into excel from Athlinks.