Leadville 100 MTB 2019

Any word on the street/inside info on whether Leadville is going to happen? I know it’s still pretty early, and to some degree it will be out of their hands. I’m sure they will wait as long a possible to make a decision. I’m training like it’s going to happen…


Waiting, training, and wondering the same…

Lifetime previous said they would give at least 4 weeks notice for all events in terms of cancellation, so still a lot of time to decide. There are multiple big events leading up to LT100 such as Silver Rush and the Leadville Stage Race, so we’ll see what happens with those. Next up is Wilmington White 100 on June 6, so an announcement for that event will be coming soon.

The news today about the staged rollout of resuming activities is a positive step, but it remains to see what impact this is going to have on COVID-19 cases across the country.

Pure speculation on my part, but I could see some events starting back up in July. There may be some restrictions in terms of spectators and support personal. We may even see some masked riders.

The challenge with the big events like Leadville is the sheer number of people.

Those are two big days back to back. At 3.25 W/kg I think you’ll be able to buckle at LT100 and finish SBT GRVL - with a few qualifiers:

  1. Appropriate pacing will be important, both to take into account the altitude and the two days back to back. This may mean aiming for a, say, 11-12 hr target in LT100. And then riding Steamboat at survival pace

  2. Riding Leadville at slightly slower pace vs. you otherwise would will hopefully allow you to eat more on the bike. This will be important so you can be fueled for the next day.

  3. Repeatability / time to exhaustion will be as important as FTP. You’ve completed an Ironman, so I’m guessing this won’t be a big issue. But don’t just measure your fitness based on FTP - especially ramp test FTP. Also measure your ability to ride for long durations at threshold/sweet spot.

  4. Logistics for the days surrounding the rides will be important. Have a plan for altitude acclimatization. If you can, get an RV plus a friend to drive from Leadville to Steamboat so you can eat/sleep on the trip (Probably 3 hrs in an RV). And maybe plan on sleeping in the RV in Steamboat so you can pull in and just go to sleep.

I was hoping to qualify for Leadville again at the Silver Rush. That won’t happen due to the lottery debacle. The benefit I guess is that means I’ll be fresh for Steamboat!

All assumes the races go ahead however - which I put at less than 50% right now.

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Thanks, Dave! This is fantastic advice. I agree about your fourth point too. Something I really hadn’t thought about just yet. Hoping this happens. If so, see you at Steamboat!

Does anyone know who has the fastest cumulative time for the Leadville Trail 100 Run and the Leadville 100 MTB? Anyone here done it?

Word now is that Wilmington White 100k 2021 will be canceled due to strict state rules related to Covid. Riders are supposed to be getting emails in the next few days. Disappointing…

This reply is SUPER late, like 3 years late, but I’m riding Leadville for the first time this year, so reading through this thread. I’m an ultramarathon runner as well and I think your culprit is not enough sodium or salt. If you were drinking straight water most of the time you may have been overhydrated and flushed out a lot of your salt. Salt helps you process the water and food you’ve taken on.

Yeah - I’ve changed my nutrition and hydration since then. And haven’t faded as much in long races since then like Unbound and SBT GRVL. I’d like to try Leadville again and see if better hydration/nutrition allows me to go a little faster. Still don’t think a sub-nine is on the cards however!

You never know! I’d love to break 9 hours this summer but I’m thinking it will be tough. I did the stage race in 9:03, so doing it all in one shot faster than that will be tough. Although, I believe I’ll be in better shape this year and I talked to some people who I raced the stage race with who actually rode faster in the full 100! I know where I can make up time now as well. We’ll see, but I anticipate it being very tough!

Historically, folks say to add about an hour to the stage race to estimate your LT100 result, but there are plenty of examples of people doing better. I’ve only done the stage race once, finishing in 8:05 in 2019. My first LT100 was about 45 minutes slower and I was quite a bit stronger for that attempt and the day went pretty much perfect.