Le Tour de France, race data and analytics

Hi all,

For those of you who are interested in how the live race data from Le Tour de France is collected and analysed, have a look at the e-book from NTT (previously Dimension Data):


full disclosure: I work for NTT, so I hope this is ok?

Regardless of where I work though, as someone interested in sport and technology, i think its pretty cool! How long before @Nate_Pearson is using machine learning in order to beat Chad?!


I saw the demo at MWC in Barcelona - pretty cool.

I don’t need ML to beat Chad :joy:.

But I would like to consistently beat Jonathan… :wink:

NTT using machine learning to pick their Tour Team :sunglasses:

Kidding aside, cycling data is a fun ride.

haha, yes good point, a little awkward for sure.
I’m gutted for Cav, I hope he gets back to the top.

Post title is a little misleading. Was expecting race data and analytics not how the tour collects race data