Laptop Cover for Trainer Desk

I got a fancy new trainer desk for Christmas so now my laptop is right in front of me, and very close. This is really nice for a lot of reasons, but it’s also leading to a lot of sweat ending up on the keyboard. Anyone have any tips for how to protect the laptop while still leaving it useful for typing etc during the ride?

I would just use a cheap keyboard and mouse rather than allow sweat to get in the keyboard.

FWIW I’ve been sweating on my laptop for 2 years now and it hasn’t died :rofl:

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Haha, I have too, but it’s worse now. Much worse!

Cover it with your sweat towel? Lets the towel do its job, keeps the latter within easy reach, protects the keyboard.

I’d just get a cheap iPad.

Where is your fan positioned? Is it in such a way it’s helping sweat get on to the keyboard - maybe a smaller desk fan aimed at your face can help keep the moisture from flinging forwards?