Land Run 2020 training plan?

With 16 weeks to go to Landrun 2020 what would recommend to someone that’s taken the last month or so off from structured training?

Being recently retired I’ve got plenty of time available and generally tend to do better at long, aerobic training rather than short, hard efforts. My goal is completion rather than competition.

Here’s what I’m thinking at the moment:

Traditional base for 8 weeks (high volume 1 and 2) to get back in the groove of training. Followed up by Sustained Power Build (high volume) for 8 weeks.

Thoughts and thanks in advance.


Sounds ok. Just be ready for a bit of potential shock to the system when you start Sustained Power Build. That’s lots of Threshold work on the heels of much lower intensity work. You’ll have a decent base, but the RPE may be a jump.

Thanks. That’s a very good point. Would something like the general build be less of an RPE jump?

Btw, with 16 weeks, one option I considered was actually 4 weeks of low volume traditional base just to get reacclimatized to consistent training then a full 12 weeks of high volume traditional base.

Good question on builds. I’d say you should look at both, and decide of one seems closer to what you expect to need for your efforts.

I’ve done bother before, and you can’t really go wrong with either. Minor differences in systems.

I think TB 1 and 2 into Build is fine. You may just need to be aware of the change in systems is app. More of a mental thing if any issue at all.

That’s a lot of stress for an older rider (I’m assuming you’re older if you’re retired, but maybe not :grin:)

If you go down this path, leave enough time for a good taper before the event, otherwise you may carry too much fatigue into the event.


LR100 for nearly all of us is about survival. Therefore you want to be able to put out watts consistently for as long as possible. I would say mid volume sweet spot with as long as possible rides on the weekend. The ability to ride at 70% - 80% of FTP for 5hrs will put you in the front half of the ride. Personally I would focus on sweet spot over anything for someone looking to complete.

Also gym work to prepare for those likely hike a bike sections.

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Although sometimes I feel old I’m only 48. Retirement was enabled by a combination of good planning over the years and a recent fortunate event (which accelerated our plan to retire at 50).

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Sweet Spot Base I & II low volume, frequent long slow rides for me.

@logella glad you started this topic, it’s crazy how strong these gravel racers are in that part of Oklahoma.

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Last year I started with SSB mid and moved to Sustained Power Build mid rolling into the race. If it’s a mud year like 2017, be prepared for anything and everything you could imagine being thrown at you…it adds to the adventure though. :metal:

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