La Vuelta a España 2021 Thread

I think back to Roglic crashing and losing GC in Paris-Nice. Not losing 3rd place, but he lost the whole RACE.


Bruised, battered, demoralized…he rode on and finished.

He didn’t ragequit and hop in a car.

MAL threw a fit like a child not getting Skittles at Walmart.

He knows he messed up. That’s why he apologized…he felt bad.

The rest is flapdoodle.

I bet he’ll make a better choice if he’s ever in that position again.


For those of you that understand Spanish, it is worth reading Verona’s post on FB.

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This is a VERY good post. Thanks for sending & glad there’s translation on chrome. :+1:

curious what it says, but I won’t FB.

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Reports that MAL set to leave Movistar and return to Astana…(other interesting transfer news as well).

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