Kona Special Interview – Frida Hedman – Ask a Cycling Coach 224

Frida Hedman is a first time Kona qualifier and exemplifies the discipline that it takes to get there. Frida manages to balance her career, family life and triathlon by using efficient training methods to prepare for Kona all the way from Sweden. Tune in to learn from all of her hard work for IRONMAN World Championships.

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Can see the teams head explode when she says she doesnt train with a power meter :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


All I could think about when she talked about drinking gels from the bottle was this old SNL skit. :joy:



Awesome of you guys to help Frida out with new tires for her borrowed bike!


Well done Frida on not letting the disappearance of your bike hold you back. Best of luck on the borrowed bike, and with the new Conti tires.


Interesting interview.
Good luck Frida!!

Yes, this was super nice of the guys! Way to step up and try to make the best out of an unfortunate situation for Frida.

Lycka till :+1:

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Good luck Frida!

Yeah, tugged at my heart strings to hear the guys wanted to sponsor a new set of tires for Frida’s loaner bike! She’s a fast gal. Good luck Frida!


This was such an awesome interview. She really has a great perspective and I was truly impressed with her comments and attitude. She really “gets” training and what it takes. There are some real pearls of wisdom in here. Good job guys!


According to the IM Tracker (preliminary), Frida placed 28th/57 in the F30-34 age group, 145th/649 woman, 1122nd/2370 overall, with a finishing time of 10:55:53.
Swim: 1:07:02 (AG 26th)
T1: 4:25
Bike: 5:47:52 (AG 34th)
T2: 2:54
Run: 3:53:42 (AG 26th)
Congratulations on your first Kona!
(Edit: Oops, forgot her finishing time. Now added.)


Well done Frida, that’s an awesome performance, (especially on a borrowed bike)!

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Listened to this while I ran today and then looked up her results; she made her sub-11 goal!


Well done Frida! I was totally stoked by the trainerroad guys wanting to get her better tyres.

I found all of these interviews really interesting and inspiring, completely different to my track racing.


Can you elaborate what needs to be improved?

Link under “How Frida heat trained for Kona from Sweden” is broken.

Does anybody know if Frida got her bike back? Can’t believe that something as big as a bike can still go missing in an airport the way security is these days.

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She posted on instagram about being reunited with her bike.