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What sort of workouts normally fit into this stage after a VO2 block? I don’t think I’ve heard Kolie or anyone else for that matter talking about the type of ‘FTP work’ they’d assign after a VO2 block in any depth.

In his presentations, Tim Kusick talks about FTP ‘speed’ (motor-pacing and racing) but I’m not sure how that translates to average Joes who can’t motor-pace, and of course we can’t race now either. In any case this seems to be framed as ‘efficiency and economy’, which sounds more like race specificity more than ‘FTP building’, i.e. growing “John or Jane FTP” in the aerobic ranch house as per his diagrams.

In terms of this FTP build phase, is the perceived wisdom to just repeat the extensive aerobic phase again? I can no longer remember what is my assumption and what might be snippets of many podcasts I’ve heard over the last few months, but I had in mind to do a bit less SST and more higher Z4 work - lots of riding close to/right at/above FTP (supra-threshold and over-unders).

Earlier episodes, they do talk about it.

Usual stuff, 2x20, 3x20, 2x30, 1x45. He said he doesn’t tend to assign 1x60. Also if FTP is stalling doing threshold workouts he makes it extra hard with some sprint efforts IN the intervals. A lot of the intervals are say 97-99%, because apparently not much extra benefit to doing 100% vs just below and a lot more fatigue.


Ah yes I did listen to that one way back, and did a progression last year using c97%. So guess I’ll move into something like this next, maybe 3 times a week. Will re-visit the episode - thanks

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Agree, it doesn’t make much sense to worry about efficiency and speed at FTP if there is no racing on the horizon. I would instead focus on recovery and then extending the curve right or pulling it up, whichever is more necessary based on your long term goals.

That said, certain Zwift racing would definitely fit the bill of going fast and that is available right now.

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Hasn’t failed me yet

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This is my week. Admittedly, this is a bit of a self-experiment for intensive FTP training. The long ride on Saturday is just a placeholder. I either go outside or do a progressive 4-hr free ride on the trainer. The other workouts are custom. I have my blocks generally laid out, but with no race schedule secured yet, I’m just working through building FTP and extensive aerobic work right now.

The advantage to planning that way is if these workouts don’t work or appear to give the stimulus I want, I can change them up easily. Also note that the interval durations and power prescriptions are based on my personal PDC rather than a standard/generic progression. I would switch Tuesday and Wednesday ideally but I’m time-limited on Tuesdays.


Can you share your progression. I’m trying to make a similar program. (Currently 2 SST and 1 long tempo per week but soon going to progress to more intensive work)

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Thanks, I like this recommendation. I’m not very good with WKO5 so I didn’t even know it had this. Added it to my insights though. Thanks again

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I’m not really working a planned progression. I have a stimulus in mind, and I’m going to play with a few different avenues to get there.

My last two blocks were the same structure:
M- Long SST (90%) intervals (like 3x30, 2x45, etc.)
T- Easy + speed sprints
W- Long Steady Tempo (75-90 min @80-85%)
F- Long SST intervals
Sa- Long ride (3+hrs Time in zone 2)

My progressions extended TiZ at the same power for the various workouts or reduced recovery. The block I’m currently in will progressively increase power.

This block I have a bit less structured overall, but this week is:
M- Over/Unders - these are structured a bit differently than TRs, lower steady power, higher “Overs”, 2 x 20 (as 2 under/:30 over). I’ll probably do another of these next week with either as a 3x15 or 2x25… haven’t decided yet.
T- Easy + Sprints
W- Long SST intervals. Last block I was doing 90%. These I’ll do at 92% and progress power up to 94-95%.
R- Off
F- FTP intervals. Starting 2x25 at about 5W under FTP. This is derived from my personal power curve. I’ll see how this goes then progress it.
Sa- Long Z2 (3-4hrs time in Zone 2)

Sorry I can’t give you a true progression… I’m doing this very individually and adapting the weeks as I progress. Maybe once I’m done I can recap it.


Thanks, I now have some ideas. Still 2 weeks of SST and than 4 weeks FTP progression, followed by a 4 week block of VO2max

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This might have been from Tim Cusick. One thing that I recent reheard/pickup from one of the podcast is to use TTE as a starting point. e.g for TTE of 30 min, start with 3x10. From Alan Cousins, hit 150% to 200% of TTE cumulative as your weekly target and for weekly progression, use the CTL ramp rate to back calculate the duration. I’ll be giving this a shot in three weeks. I’m on second to last week of TR power build and will add another week down time after that.

There’s more detail than that, really. You can base interval duration and power off of your PDC in WKO5, for example working intervals that break TTE up into two or three long segments, and deriving the power you’re working at from there. E.g. I’m starting my progression at 2x25 with a TTE of 1:03 and FTP 273. I will do my 2x25 at 270W and progressing power from there as I’m in an intensive block. They go into quite a bit of detail about designing FTP intervals and the best ways using WKO5 in the webinars.

These progressions that Tim put up are just examples, and he’s pretty clear to say he might not ever prescribe a 1x60 FTP workout or a 1x90 SST workout, and that these specific progressions aren’t what he would prescribe.

In this one, I can’t imagine I would go from 5x10 to 2x25 to 6x10.

This is similar to how I build out my progression blocks. First, I will progress out the time until it’s at a TTE that is reasonable given my goals and races in the upcoming season, then I’ll increase the power at the given TTE depending on the block. For SS this is about 90-120min and FTP around 60-70min. So if my TTE is 40min, I’ll do a little bit of progression, and then increase the power at the longer efforts as well as throwing in some over/unders, sprints, etc.

Obviously a lot more detailed than that, but something along those lines works well for me and had been recommended before (early season progress time and then progress power).


My plan after talking with Kolie is to do (this is more just forming a thought based on a conversation than a Rx from him, so YMMV) -

vo2 block (3 weeks) > recover + re test(1 week) > FTP with more emphasis on TTE (3 weeks) > FTP with emphasis on increased motor unit recruitment (over unders, higher % FTP but don’t go crazy, etc) (3 weeks) > Rest

After experimenting with doing focused vo2 blocks last year I noticed increased FTP but total TTE went down a good chunk (which is normal from Kolie’s experience too)

Will see how this goes!


This is generally how I have approached it myself.

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How’d you get on with it versus historical training blocks?

So far so good. It’s been so weird the last 12 months that the past couple years of training are kind of a mystery to me to be honest. I hope this year to do some events and see how it’s paid off or not.

Those who have done a VO2max block, do you keep some VO2max maintenance sessions afterwards?

Wondering to what extent any potential VO2max improvements stick around…

I did not keep it around.
I pushed my TTE @ 90% out to 75min.
Then did a 2 week VO2 block.
Increased my FTP with 5% (untested)
Just finishing pushing TTE @ 90% out to 80min for my “new” FTP.

So I think without a shred of evidence that the VO2 block enabled me to restart the SS progression at a higher FTP.

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No. Reasoning being you primarily did the VO2 to give you headroom to grow you threshold easier. After that you rolling into building threshold and/or race specificity. I suppose if you were team pursuit rider you might continue to do VO2 but not an expert. :man_shrugging: Only so much intensity to go around and you want to hit it hard enough to get some type of overload response.

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