Kinetic Road Machine Control Hardware (stand) Issues

Two questions about the Kinetic Road Machine Control 6400 regarding hardware (structural) “issues”

  1. The cap to twist the tensioner bolt broke off the bolt itself. The replacement part is out of stock online. Is the “L” bolt an acceptable replacement? I’m also going to try using E600 high strength adhesive to glue to knob back on. Is this an ok idea? I can twist the top of the bolt with a wrench but it’s super inconvenient.

  2. The trainer seems to be holding my bike on an angle so there is bike lean. I’ve tried reposition/remounting the bike but it still feels like there is lean, and the back wheel seems to move sideways when under load, especially out of the saddle.

Does anyone have any experience with these issues on this trainer?

Thanks in advance.


I fixed mine with glue, don’t remember which kind. Basically, don’t adjust the side that has been damaged and it doesn’t matter. I’ve worn out/broken multiple parts, but it’s so simple that I just keep fixing it. Mine’s 10 years old, and I’m not sure what number it is.

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I gave a poor description; the tensioner that broke is for the resistance unit, there bolts to adjust the actual bike mount don’t appear broken, but the bike is still held on an angle.

I’m using a strong putty adhesive to hold the knob back onto the tensioner bolt for the resistance unity. Yet to hear back from Kurt about a replacement piece.

Thanks again!

I don’t have one handy to check, but I’d wager you can take the L-bolt to a hardware store and find a knob that will work. That or at the very least confirm the thread size, and order something online that meets your needs.

That happened to me too, I replaced it with washers and a wing nut

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