Kinetic Inride Issues

So I’m still using this, and it’s now getting even worse. For some reason lately it’s having dropouts after around 1h 5m into the session. The power disappears completely, but the sensor still shows as paired and with signal. The only way to get it back is to pull the battery, but even when I do I find it drops out again within the next half hour. Bizarre.

I really wish I could replace the thing. :frowning:

  • With what?

I don’t know if you can trust the availability, but it looks like new ones are up for order from Kinetic and Amazon at least. This assumes you’re open to purchase vs warranty, since it sounds like the new owners of Kinetic aren’t really helping owners of the original company products now.

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Well, ideally I’d want power meter pedals or something as I really like the training setup I have… but sadly it’s just not an option financially (the prices on these things are way out of my range right now).

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When I first got mine if never worked would disconnect during the calibration had to do they same battery out an in only do the same as i tried again, I solved it by padding the back of the battery tray with abit of folding paper no problem ever since.

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I’ve never had a problem with the battery, thankfully. Though I guess in this case I’d much prefer it to having the power just disappear for some reason.

Slightly off topic, but I always wished Kirk Kinetic had built a Rock 'n Roll “dumb” direct drive model that was sold at a reasonable - $300ish - price. That would have been a great trainer for indoor endurance workouts


I like the concept and wished for something similar at the time (DD with their fluid resistance unit). But that price would probably never be a reality with the combo of DD & motion once it all came together.

I have considered getting the new Kinetic RS (rebadged Magene T100) and hacking a simple lean motion system between the legs and upper frame. They are available for about $240 on Amazon right now and the closest thing to our concept that seems available for a fixed trainer at least.

Wondered why there’s no DD fluid trainer myself. Picked up a flux 2 but don’t like the ride feel. Kurt Kinetic dont have much of a presence in the UK maybe due to Brexit, but if you can’t get another inride3 pod you could uses virtual power with a speed and cadence sensor it pretty much what your doing now.

Elite made the Volano & Turbo Muin for a while, as some decent DD fluid trainers. Those were the only fluid ones I remember seeing.

CycleOps had a DD magnetic for a short time too.

I can’t remebmer exact timing since I was barely into trainers back then, but these sort of followed upon the Lemond DD trainer that was great other than being jet engine loud in use. I think these tried to hit the same notes without breaking ear drums :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Did the whole reverse battery thing, then left it without a battery for a day… still stopped reporting power around the 1h 5m mark. Utterly bizarre, I can only assume there’s some sort of corrupt memory on the device. What’s worse is even if I pull the battery it then drops off again within about 15 mins. Not the end of the world for something with decent breaks between intervals, but not for a very long endurance session.

Frustrating as I can’t find it anywhere in the UK / Europe. It’s on, but not anyone that ships to the UK.