Killing a Vo2 max workout feels amazing

After a series of rides that felt like uninspiring I just had a Vo2 max workout that was pretty epic. Things I learned.
-Pedaling at high cadence and timing it perfectly makes intervals easier (most of the times :slight_smile: I usually would never go above 100 and spin up right after the interval started, this created so much extra work and was very taxing. Sometimes it actually helps to pay attention to Chad’s instructions.

  • the right amount of caffeine and carbs is magic. Would usually go too low on carbs and caffeine
  • groove based electronica can take you higher
  • I probably had my ftp or workout was too easy, who cares :wink:
  • didn’t know how much killing a workout can restore your faith in training
    Just wanted to share, maybe it will help maybe not.

They really are the most mentally rewarding to me!

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