Kickr wobbles/creaks

Picture of my husband’s kickr below. The main strut seems to be moving laterally a lot and makes a god-awful creaking noise when he is riding. The pivot point seems to be at the base.

Anybody else had this? How do we fix it?

Bumping for the morning crowd and to add that it seems like more than normal play - it definitely wasn’t this creaky before.

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Clarifying - the pipe that cassette is attached to?

Never had that on my 2017 Kickr.

Yep, the one that comes up the middle. Looks like it’s a '14 model kickr ( ) so I might have to take the wahoo advice and contact their support.

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FWIW I always call them, its often easier to describe issues on the phone before sending pics or videos.

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Did you ever figure out what the fix for this issue is? My Kickr is the same model and is doing the same exact thing

Sorry, I didn’t find a mechanical solution. BUT it has been quieter recently so I asked my husband if he’d changed anything and he said that he makes sure his front wheel is perfectly facing forward and he makes sure his weight isn’t too far back.