Kickr v5 + roam to control, resistance too high

I am using a roam to control my kickr v5 with assioma duos for powers. My workouts come in ranges eg 60-70% ftp but lately my kickr will keep me at eg 70 and the next interval i am supposed to do 80-90% and it will keep me at around 92-3%. So it responds to changes but I am kept at the top or slightly over the range

Have you used this exact setup before with better / expected results?

Are you using ERG mode?

  • If so, I thought ERG mode only works with a single power target value (ex: 70%) even if your source workout may be a range (ex: 60-70).

I have never run a workout for my trainer inside from my Wahoo, so a question:

  • Does it really have “Power Match” in the sense that it places your Power Meter as the “source of truth” while making the trainer be whatever value is appropriate to hit the Power Meter number?

  • If it lacks a Power Match like feature, that might account for your delta, presuming the Roam is using the Trainer Power data vs your Power Meter?

Using ERG mode and in the past I was generally kept in the middle but lately at or over the top range

Interesting. Makes me question if either Wahoo made a firmware change, or whatever app you are sending the workout to the Roam is handling the targets differently.

Might require a separate question to each company to see if they are aware of related changes.

Difficult, the workouts are created by join which sends to Training peaks, which adds another variable

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