Kickr Snap Watts vs Spin Bike Watts

So I’m 3 weeks into SSB mid Volume and today instead of my light workout on my Kickr Snap I went and rode a spin bike (w Stages) at the gym. Whoa!

FTP => Ramp test w TR/Kickr Snap after calibration is 200. Today on the spin bike I was riding 200-220 pretty easily with a heart rate around 145. When I try 220 on the Kickr my hr goes 165-170 pretty quickly.

Would love to think my Snap is giving me low numbers! :slight_smile: Anyone else see stuff like this?

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Stages spin bikes need a zero reset from time to time. Did you happen to do that? It’s not obvious how to get to the settings menu…

I’ve been using a Snap for almost 1.5 years, next week I’m putting a Quarq PM on my bike. I have to believe I’m loosing watts between the drivetrain, wheel and drum :crossed_fingers:. Here’s hoping that I’m really 5.0 w/kg instead of 3.7 w/kg as my Kickr Snap tells me :grimacing:. So I’ll update with the comparison between the two.

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