Kickr Core v Zwift Hub for travel trainer

Hi folks, just hoping to get people’s thoughts on the Kickr Core and the Zwift Hub. How much better is the Core performance-wise and, especially, for reliability?

(Basically I need a trainer I can travel with, and the Hub weighs 15kg ands the core 18kg, so a lighter trainer’s quite useful)

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I own the Core and my partner has had the Hub since launch. Too soon to comment on reliability of the Hub, but I used it while my Kickr was getting replaced (packed in after 700hrs? or so). I was really impressed. Not being quite as smooth when standing at lower power was the only thing I didn’t like, otherwise just a different feel. Perhaps only perceivable because of lots of time on the Kickr. Hairsplitting accuracy isn’t really a factor for me, just consistency.

That said, moving these things always feels risky and the Wahoo support was unbelievably good. Worth considering that aspect for travel. They sent me a new trainer to replace out of warranty unit immediately with no fuss when it started cutting out. If you can stretch I would say the uplift is worth it for the Core for that support alone.

Fwiw: I did a year working abroad and bought a £100 wheel-on to use with power meter. You just get used to it again and those things are hard to break!


Thanks very much, really helpful.

In terms of moving, setting up do notice much difference with the weight and/or size etc?