KICKR Core Connection Drops to iPad

I’m posting this because it just started today. I am not sure when exactly when the new iOS app dropped but today for the first time, I was losing resistance in ERG mode throughout my ride. I was connected to my IPad via Bluetooth. Has anyone experienced similar all of a sudden since recent app update?

I haven’t had any issues with my Core, an older iPad, and the latest iOS 14 version and latest iOS app. Your network settings might be corrupted. I’d try doing a reset on them (Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings) and then reconnect everything.

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Thanks. I’ll do that. Today and try to recheck. I also just updated the firmware on my KICKR Core. My iPad is a new iPad Air and I’ve been using it with two different trainers for months now with no issue.

Worked great today. I did reset network settings on the iPad. :man_shrugging:

All was solid…with the exceptions of my ant+ connection to my pc but I am still working on improving that.