Kickr Bike V1 question


Sorry for the qq. Does the V1 broadcast gearing to a bike computer?

It should… I’m not near the unit I have to test this out though.

Thanks. Would you mind telling me what the field names are in the Elemnt setup? I have the OG Kickr Bike and the OG Elemnt. After seeing your video on the new kickr bike, that Elemnt gear display idea was genius. My OG Elemnt is up to date, but when I connected to the kickr v1 via Ant+ and selected the generic gear number it showed n/a. I’m also thinking about this as it relates to future zwift updates to show gearing. Thanks for your help.

Elemnt needs to be paired to the Kickr Bike over Bluetooth. This doesn’t work over ANT/ANT+.

Field is: Gear selection → Current Gear (visual).

There is a chance this is only in the beta firmware for the Elemnt(s)… so might be a few days(?) off for the public stream release. I see their latest update to the OG Element on Sept 6th was pulled…

This might be one for Wahoo Support.

Okay. Let me try bluetooth. The Bluetooth kickr didn’t show as a sensor so something else must be connected to it.