Kickr Bike delivery time after shipping

Hate to be an entitled little jerk but I can’t wait for this one!

All wahoo sent me was “it’s shipped! someone will call you to arrange delivery” and that was 6 days ago. No tracking number or anything.

Does anyone know how long it takes usually?

sorry, no help here. But damn dude… you must be itching to get on!! love a new toy

It was about a week or so for me. Shipping company was Estes, they are a freight company, not the best communicator with residential deliveries. Take the 1st date they suggest.

The itch is real!

I’m usually way more impulsive when it comes to bike related stuff but I have been thinking about a kickr bike since they first announced it. I have 3 road bikes. parted one out and sold stuff on it to get this :joy:

Sweeet. Hopefully I get the call today.


whoops! thanks @mcneese.chad !

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No problem. Just trying to keep stuff in the right Category :smiley:

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I had to email Wahoo support for the shippers tracking number.
Shipped 11/3021
Arrived 12/15/21
Shipped via Team Worldwide
Live in Northern Illinois
With 2 people using it, zero issues in the short time we’ve had the bike.

Update: ahhh they called me today! they said not many truck drivers due to covid so earliest delivery on tuesday. I said “f that” and went and picked it up. Thankfully only 20 or so miles away.

Put it together and rode it tonight. What a piece of gear! Looking forward to nailing the fit / settings tomorrow. It was 95% there but just need a few tweaks.

Too bad it doesn’t agree with my assiomas but i’m 99% sure it’s assiomas’ issue because the left right balance is so out of whack. This is the 3rd set of assiomas ive had with this issue and i’m losing faith in all power meters lol. i’ll stick to kickr bike’s power for training indoor.

That’s interesting. I’m still rocking the Assioma pedal hack since early 2020 and they have been flawless.

I know it’s mostly good units out there. I can’t seem to find one. Assioma thread is full of imbalance reports too. I know we’re not the majority but there’s definitely some sort of issue.

PS: Last time I sold them before depleting all options or identifying the problems. I just ordered a calibrated weight. Gonna go through all the recommendations (static weight test, reinstall / recalibrate etc etc) this time before I give up. If I need to adjust right or left pedal’s power by a percent, so be it!