Kabush at the Golden, CO GiddyUp

I had the pleasure of volunteering at the Golden Giddyup on Sunday Sep 15. This is a local enduro style race to raise monies for trail building and maintenance in our county. While its a short race of only 30 miles, the elevation gain for this race on the Colorado front range is nothing to sneeze at 4200ft. Coupled with the sun exposure, its a legit day for most riders. Its a bit of a unique race in that there are 3 times uphill and 3 timed downhill sections. Well, I volunteered at the finish of Stage 3, a nasty good for nothing fire road climb that is short at about a mile, but steep… yay Eagle! Kabush came cranking up that thing like another class of athlete entirely. Its neat to see the pros and how they handle stuff we ride all the time. I will give props, though, to some of our young, local talent who are right on his wheel. We’ve some great feeder programs with our local high schools. What a great, fun day to support our local trails.