Just spent two weeks cycling in the US and found the car traffic very scary

Local story for us…absolutely enraging.

Man previously convicted of killing victim in DUI crash gets 2 years in prison for new DUI crash in Fox Lake (msn.com)

I am wrapping up a cycling tour in Colombia that spanned a week. We have had follow cars but sometimes the group splits up or the cars go ahead on a climb. I’ve not been angry honked at once, not spit at, not yelled at, not buzzed closely. You see all sorts of people in all sorts of modes of transportation for recreation or transportation.

I’m scared of returning home and riding my bike on the road again knowing what I’ll have to put up with.

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True. 25 for DUI, and 25 to life for being in an accident. It can be argued that they both knew what they were doing at some level, so making the base penalty the same makes some sense, but the idea for a shorter sentence for just DUI hopes they change their ways in prison. :man_shrugging:t2:

If only we ran the world? (People would be voting us out pretty quickly?) Society accepts a lot of things that many people wouldn’t if you asked them if it happened directly to them. ‘Would you be in favor of a 25 to life prison sentence if a drunk driver killed your family?’, rather then asking it in more general terms.

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And, unfortunately the often (caution, generalizations) under-educated bored threatened mean angry impotent self-emasculated entitled videogame-addicted waste of skin often feels exhilarated and powerful. They seem to think threatening people on bikes is their right and they are doing society a favor. Amazing… One 70-something was terrorizing cyclists on a major bike road route north of my home. I had ridden that road many times, but never had the honor of his wrath, but he was a later afternoon terrorist. But he buzzed one line of riders too much, and the encounter was caught on a GoPro, as well as a confrontation with some of the riders. They alerted police and were given a phone number to call ‘if’ it happened again. And of course it did. He was convinced that ‘all’ bikes had to ride on the sidewalk, even though there was no sidewalk anywhere hear, and had to ride ‘off the road’ on the thin shoulder. After being FINALLY confronted by police, he stopped, but he was infamous for brushing echelons with an inch to spare. He was such a mean POS. He was enlightened: Share the road, toad… But he thought he was in the right and it was HIS right to punish ‘us’. What a world… I had a couple of encounters with what might have been his grandson on that same road. That was when I suggested ride leaders carry a concealed weapon. It seems at time that it really could get that bad. Holy crap… (That’s when I found out that it was illegal to fire a gun from a bicycle. Well, seems more like common sense? Anyway, sense isn’t very common)

And it’s just damned falling down crying that terrorizing cyclists is so widespread.

Canadian drivers are the 9th worst in the world but US drivers are even worse

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Not all of the US is bad. I live in the mountains in Colorado and have not had any negative encounters with drivers.

Granted, there’s less traffic vs a big city, and the smaller population means people don’t feel anonymous and like they can get away with being a d-bag.

That said, most of my riding is on snow, MTB or gravel - so away from traffic. Mainly because I enjoy that kind of riding. Partly to stay away from cars.

I cycled in Vermont last year and loved it. A lot safer than the UK at times!

Two kids were shot at while riding their bikes in a town near me. Looking for articles, but t was on the teevee news at least once. Apparently people are so bored with the shootings, it doesn’t make the ‘print’ news. We are so hosed…

From the UK again:

Woman shames rider into the road and the cyclist is hit and killed, and people think her sentence is ‘too harsh’. SOMEONE DIED! The cyclist’s sentence seems a heck of a lot harsher to me… Okay, so the woman is ‘special needs’, but her actions caused a death. Maybe my feeling isn’t popular, but she should serve SOME jail time for contributing to the death of another, regardless of her condition. :man_shrugging:t2:

One of his boldest videos to date


I’ve been sick of SUV (stupid user vehicle) for over 30+ years. I was appalled when I went to Italy back in the late 90s and started to see people driving Toyota Fourrunners. Also Range Rovers. Those roads were not built for those types of vehicles.
I would love to see a ban, but alas, in the US it’s too far gone, as was noted in the video.