Just failing mid work out and what’s ok power fluctuation

Hello, funny one I did Antelope today, 5x10min efforts at 88-94% ftp. About 3min into set four I just crashed, exactly the same as the failure on the FTP test like hitting a wall. It wasn’t the aerobic demand I just couldn’t turn the pedals. I cursed myself out for a minute then managed to grunt the rest of the set out, set five I dropped it to 90% on the intensity for about 1 min of the 10 and saw it out at 100%.

Is that normal? I know I should be going to failure on workout like this should I? Full disclosure I’ve made a big change to my diet, but really I’ve just cut out fats, still lots of pasta Rice fresh veg lean meat just no white bread, chocolate biscuits very limited dairy (200ml semi skimmed milk half fat I think it’s called in the US ) limited dairy etc, so I’m sure I’m fuelled I did eat some blocks on the bike early in the session as didn’t feel fresh but I was hitting my numbers. The work out two days before I really had to push hard to complete done segments but I did and felt really good afterwards I’d really worked but didn’t feel bad.

Second question what’s an acceptable power flux is +/- 10 ok or should it be 5? I know ideally you’d sit at the power not go over it under. My averages are always within 5 watts but actually on the interval I might go over or under by ten if I’m not really in it which eyes closed mixing in head down when it starts to bite is an easy place to get!!


That power fluctuation is ok…I use ERG mode on my trainer but if you are within 5W on SS it shouldn’t make much difference. More of an issue is the fact that Antelope is one of the easy SS workouts in any of its forms - apart from maybe the version with only 2.5min rests, so if you can’t complete it then it’s likely that your FTP is set to high. If you are new to structured training you may have an issue with muscular endurance, however 5x10mins@88-94% of the power you should be able to hold for 40-60mins should not be challenging with 5mins recovery. I would knock 5% off the intensity to start and then maybe add a few% as you go. SS workouts with develop from there to the likes of Geiger, Tallac, Eclipse, Galena and Wright peak which last 12-30mins so they only get longer. That said you can get use to them with versions of Carson/Monitor which are shorter and when you get to the longer versions there is Garrowby and its versions which give short breaks within longer SS intervals - good luck :grinning:


Thanks, yeah. Been on a TR plan plan low vol since Nov, doing the talks as required, ftp has jumped a little from the start 218-242-248 so it’s not drastically shooting up. Just a bit odd, I maybe I’m over stretched then. But it feels about right other times.

On the erg so will just keep focused!!

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