Just did my first ftp test after SSB Low Volume I. Good news!

I’ve got goals for February of 2020 so I’m back at it already after taking the 2nd half of the summer “off” (don’t worry I was riding and lifting easy). Just did my first ftp test after doing SSB LV1. I had to go easy/off for about 10 days due to an ankle injury but just tested this morning and saw a 9% increase. Well below where I ended my season but definitely progress from where I started the period.

On to SSB LV2!

Blog post coming.

My come back from cancer is coming along nicely!

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Great news and great job!

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Just retested before starting LVB and went up about 9%. Up to about 2.8 w/kg. Still a lot of work to be done but will be at 3w/kg (or more) by the time I race in January. Might be able to lose a kilo but not much weight to lose.


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You should be proud of yourself!:grin:

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