JOIN cycling app

All done, here are the results.

Current JOIN FTP: 268w
JOIN estimated FTP: 258w
TR AIFTP: 277w

New FTP after JOIN ramp test: 278w.

TR is still shockingly accurate. I also made to “just ride” and not try to back out any wattage targets to achieve a certain FTP.


We all have different strengths, but I find AIFTP and Ramp tests to both overestimate what I can do compared to what I can actually hold for 30+ minutes. I know it’s just a number to train with, but when I realized this, I realized I was burning out because I was always doing things above the zone I was supposed to be in. By doing a KM test and seeing what I can honestly hold, I found I can be far more consistent with my training and not burn out, which has actually led to FTP gains I hadn’t seen in a long time.

Mostly just sharing for those who find themselves in the burnout/plateau cycle, not necessarily aimed at you.


I have been doing some reading lately in the KK test because I was intrigued. Did you create this test somewhere as a custom workout? I’m curious which progression you used

If you still have access to TR they are in available a user group(? Forgot the exact name) and also on (but these don’t work on wahoo only garmin)

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  • I’m guessing this is the group of interest, for the Kolie Moore test options in TR custom workouts:

JOIN’S range rather than a set % also help, as well as the fact that when you don’t meet your target JOIN doesn’t fail you (even when you didn’t do a proper FTP test)

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Has anyone successfully exported their JOIN workout(s) to ROUVY via Training Peaks integration? Is it as straightforward as they make it out to be?

I haven’t, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be. Once JOIN pushes into TrainingPeaks it’s just like any other workout for everything else.

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Yeah, like @jcolp said, I’ve never pushed to Rouvy, but I push everything to TP and then it pushes to Zwift, TR, or TD. I assume Rouvy must work the same. If not, you can have Join push your workout to your Email and then upload the .fit file wherever.

Which head unit do you have? Can you adjust the power up/down in erg mode? Also, can you extend a warmup or cooldown?

Wahoo roam, extending cooldowns, warmups or pausing/rewinding/fast-forwarding intervals is easy. I think you can adjust the % easily too but I haven’t much looked into it as you have a 5 % margin up and down build into the workout already


App was updated today:

You can now change workout bias in the Join workout player:


I’m back to using JOIN after three months of Masters General Base I/II/III with TR. However, JOIN wants to give me one to two weeks of reduced hours and, as a result, gives me consecutive days off. My last week of General Base III was a recovery week, so I’m ready to go (and told JOIN that). I can manually do additional workouts and/or more time, but is there a way to tell JOIN not to do this? I don’t want to be ‘fighting’ the app for the next two weeks.

Also, what is the new ‘readiness’ score? I had to manually adjust it last week in order to get a workout. Does JOIN learn? Again, I don’t want to be ‘fighting’ the app to get workouts.

I would just manually change the ride, but maybe up your athlete profile to the next level up so it thinks you can handle more volume? Absolutely just a guess.

On the Readiness thing, I hate it. I go in and update it every day by putting my Garmin Training Readiness score (up the thread you can find a post where they gave that advice), but it does not seem to learn. It’s a good 25 points lower than Garmin for me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Also, it changes the workout when I do this at least 50% of the time, so I literally don’t know what workout it’s going to give me until the minute before I workout.

Join had an outage most of the day today (it’s up now) and Garmin had an outage last weekend, so both times I couldn’t update my plan.

Which program did you choose, some will always have a build up phase (stamina builder, ftp builder) , others will throw you right in (lsrf, winter maintenance). Edit: like @Pbase said you could change your athletic profile too (though according to join the setting will soon be removed and only be used for onboarding as join learns)

The readiness is something akin to TR’s red light/ green light but you can alter the setting according to how you feel or based on your wearable


Where did you see that? I saw that they will remove the hourly guidelines (attaching hours to the level) but not that they will remove the levels altogether. That would actually be smarter imo. If you’re going to have the field available, I think removing the hours is a mistake (because without them, you’re just guessing, and what’s the point in having levels if they’re just a guess), but that got me a bunch of downvotes :rofl:

Would anyone be interested in a JOIN vs HumanGo (or humango, or Humango, depending on where you look for branding) thoughts post? I’ve not been using JOIN for the past week, and have some comparison thoughts that may be useful for some people looking.

Thanks. I had missed that CyclingLb2019 was an employee saying they were going to completely remove it “sooner rather than later”.

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Definitely. I’m always interested in new apps and peoples experiences with them.