JOIN cycling app

I’m doing la marmotte too. LSRF definitely was a lot harder but some programs indeed build up first

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I can see week 3 for the plan now, definitely harder than week 1 and 2 with back to back vo2max and threshold sessions whereas in the first 2 weeks I would get endurance instead of threshold

In the first week, it gives me 4x10min @tempo then 2sets of 5x 40/20 in a 1:45 endurance ride and then a 5x5 tempo in a 1:50 endurance ride… I will add an additional endurance ride, the part of the second week I see also looks rather light, but I will stick to it for the next 4 weeks until I get to the first harder weeks…
Used the Workout player for the first time, they have some work to do , I really want to be able to adjust the resistance of the trainer outside of ERG mode, so I can have it in the middle of the cassette for endurance type efforts, will probably export the workouts to zwift and do them there.


Just signed up! I had off the shelf plans before this. I like that there is tempo/sweet spot in. Actually first two workouts so far. I went from some plans that strictly avoided those zones so it’s been kind of nice. I also like how it promotes flexibility not only in time but also in structure. I need more of that. Remind me that it’s supposed to be fun at times too. So far so good! I am doing a 12 hr mtb race in May so I used my event as the plan.


I think a general update which gives everyone the readiness score just came out. Wahoo sync also seems to work but that might be exclusive to the beta

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Thanks for sharing.

Do you have an info on the “recovery level” and what all those numbers mean? I tried adjusting the soreness slider and it doesn’t change the number. Seems overly complicated that I’m supposed to pick any number between 1 and 100 and know what the difference is between a 39 and a 40.

I tried adjusting the slider a few days back the effects were increasing >50 gave a harder workout of the same type, decreasing it a bit changed the workout to endurance and reducing it even more skilled the workout and planned an extra rest day. My autocalculated score today is 38 which I guess is about right (I’m tired).

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Thanks. Mine is 39, and I have no clue what that means. Think I might just ignore this feature…and I’m going to the forum to ask too.

Yeah, this implementation is confusing… I much prefer Enduco’s.

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I dare say this functionality seems very un-JOIN with how other stuff is.

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I agree. Way overly complicated.

Releasing it without an announcement or explanation is very “unJoinlike” too.

Just got the announcement.

It doesn’t really clarify anything for me. It also asks for feedback, but doesn’t say how to provide it.

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Found this on Reddit. It’s not perfect, but it’s somewhat helpful if you have a Garmin, Whoop, Oura, or Fitbit.

Rohan just replied to me when I asked what people without a wearable should do.

My default Join Readiness today was 39. I followed the instructions at the link above and changed it to my Garmin Readiness score, 79. That caused my plan to change from 4x10 Tempo to 4x8 Strength. Interesting…

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Yeah, I’ve been beta testing this and I’m still wondering what the point of 1 - 100 is. It’s much too granular. I think if they had 4 or 5 levels it would be much easier to understand. For example, I’ve found that moving from 50 - 70 (or some other big range) usually doesn’t change your workout. At 71 suddenly your workout will change. Always leaves me wondering what’s the point of that giant range.

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Too granular causes confusion, doubt. I’m kind of sad with the implementation. I’ll need to try using it to see if I “get it” and it adds value for me, but that immediate impression is just annoyance.

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I’m going to run with Garmin readiness for a while and see how I feel about it. If I’m not feeling confident in it, I think I’ll just go with the 4 numbers Rohan mentioned in my post above.

Do you know if you only get Garmin readiness with the higher end watches and/or head units? Ive got a 1030 (battery about to die I think) and a Vivoactive 4 watch?
I take my HRV using HRV4Training and was thinking of using tha is Stable Condition - 100, Coping Well -75, Maladaption -50, Accumulated Fatigue -25.
What do you reckon?

I’m not sure on the other Garmin watches and haven’t used that HRV for Training app. Sorry.

I think my simple version if I had nothing but my gut to go on would be something like
25 -Tired and need a recovery day
50 - Z2/3/SS is fine
75 - Z4/5/6
100 - I would never put. So maybe 85 or 90 would mean “bring it on and give me some VO2 work already!”

25 :dizzy_face:
50 :neutral_face:
75 :blush:
90 :partying_face:


I guess because the 4 most popular trackers use 0-100 join also uses that scale which are all probably based around the concept of visual analogue scales

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