JOIN cycling app

Nope that’s my intensity for the next 3d block

Which program are you following stamina or ftp builder? These programs gradually build up, lsrf dives right in

This is the sort of session you genuinely see being done primarily outdoors by pro riders. I know juniors on pro programmes that are doing shit loads of overgeared work and repeated short sharp efforts like this.

It seems a bit out-of-touch which what we typically consider effective in the modern indoor training space, but I wouldn’t write it off.


You’re not going to be happy with Join. I’d suggest trying something else. I mean that seriously. Your training philosophy clearly doesn’t align with theirs and I don’t see any way this ends well. I’d move on. I spent way too much time using tools that I had no confidence in waiting for them to change to my way of thinking. They never do. You either have to change your mindset or find a tool that more closely aligns with yours.


Believe it or not but I was a firm believer of sweetspot+hiit/sit style training but after 2 seasons of very hard work (and start to dread certain days because of the workout) but very little real world improvement I had to reassess. And I will have to reassess again in a few months now because my time is more limited


I used to dread the high intensity days when I was on a traditional plan and they came up 3 times a week. Since switching to masters, I actually look forward to them twice a week.

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And athletes like myself that hire a coach, for example:

it worked for me. My biggest issue due to age is recovery, so you may want to add intervals for example 2 sets of 5x1-min and 2 sets of 20-min tempo (see the 3rd workout in pic above).

and on the topic of cadence work… Unload1 description:


and my notes:


two days before was 4x1.5-min with “flush out” of 3x5-min around 90% at 100-110rpm. I’m a grinder. Always be pedaling :joy:



Of course he is or did you expect these riders to improve their FTP year by year while training as they train (=full time)?
Their improvement is in more precise peaking and maybe digesting more carbs per hour.

I’d dare to claim that all FTP improvement season:season is either more training or measurement error.


Sorry for your frustration, but in join’s favor they don’t seem to claim anything regarding AI

Their founder guy rather stated he started crafting the workout prescription in excel to later put it into the join app.

Endurance training is so utterly simple that I doubt “AI” could add much there anyways.


That was exactly what I meant. There’s no endless evolution, stagnation in FTP numbers isn’t a bad sign. There are lots of different areas to improve as you suggested.

I also would be completely fine stagnating at 400w :wink:


hahaha true!

By the way, the guy is a beast. He seems very knowledgeable.

Why would JOIN stick a ‘build up phase’ in the middle of a program?

Their website says this is a base or pre program block?

Obviously as I discovered their program overview button (some things are oddly hidden), I am also now aware the program goes:

7 weeks hard training
1 week recovery
1 week ‘build up’ (volume?)
6 weeks training
1 week taper

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The build-up is always the first week after recovery. It’s not the same as Base-Build-Specialty. Instead, it’s kind of a transition week. Build up - Training - Recovery (Repeat). At least, that’s my understanding.


Who am I to complain. A rest week every 7 is one more than I got in 24 weeks or XERT!