Its a sad day to be an American

Fair enough.

On a sidenote: I do have to wonder how Fox news viewers square that in their head. If I recall correctly, Fox news was the first network to call the Election for Biden, and five minutes later the same network tells them it was all a fraud. Must be weird to live in that world .

Not certain they were the first to call the entire election, but they were certainly the first to call AZ, which was a key state and was very close, especially when they called it. Despite the parent company, the FoxNews Election desk has a pretty high reputation for calling races correctly.

But to your point, the fact that Trump viewers have turned their backs so completely on the network and are heading to OANN in drives tells you what you need to know about how they felt about it.

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Agreed, he has a press room in his house. And frankly, he used twitter so much because he was too cowardly to face that room.


Case in point re: him not being silenced in anyway - Trump just posted a video to YouTube through the WH account. It is now all over twitter…happened in the blink of an eye.

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I don’t about the psychology of his base, but there have been breakdowns of his voter base which goes something like: White, male, non-college graduate, mostly conservative, poor.

That said, I personally know many high educated male and females who are definitely not poor that voted for Trump. While they deplore his loud mouth, Twitter, etc., they agree w/his stance on many key issues.

Think about it, if President Trump had kept his mouth shut for 4yrs and did nothing else differently, he might still be in office for another term. Then again, I think w/out his ridiculous Twitter, press conferences, etc., he probably wouldn’t have the base he has now :thinking:

I don’t know… I like many others am ready for this never-ending :poop:-show to end!

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Social media is a double edged sword. The same medium that has now shut down Trump was also the means in which the the Arab revolutions took hold. I know too many people, high earners and intelligent I might add who were loud out up to the election, then decided to to stay quiet last week during the Storming of the Capitol and now are loud again claiming the 1st amendment are being attacked by BigTech and have gone so far to say the US is going to become a communist state.

We should really be worried when the government decides to shutdown the news and communication channels and not private companies…

Edit: Arab Spring


Perhaps the irony of Trump (and Biden) proposing repeal/revocation of Section 230 is that doing so could have meant Trump never getting on Twitter at all!

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And this is the crux of it, where many do not have a clue about what the Constitution really means and where it applies but (mis)quote it as a response or reaction when their views are opposed. Then again those same people also don’t have a clue about many thing, like the definition of fascism, terrorism etc

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Yes, the complaints about something being “Orwellian” from people who think that all animals are equal (but some are more equal) is galling.

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Should there be concern about the rise of Barron?

and 194 are happy to admit that they care more about their careers than their country.


I read some of them Boo when someone was talking about white supremacists…

and here it is…


Guess it means the same thing as when DC cops have a friendly mingle with everyone’s fav domestic terrorist hate group, the proud boys…after the boys maced the cops.

Included in the friendliness are the same cops who threatened arrests of peaceful protesters in front of lindsay graham’s house.

And also the same cop who gunned down a motorist because a “trooper’s life was in jeopardy”. Guess no “trooper’s” lives were in jeopardy during the domestic terrorist attack. Well, except for the one that was murdered.

Enjoy! And remember…just a few bad apples!