Is this a plan builder glitch?

So it’s been a full year of training with TR and I’ve started back at base again for the fall. I made it through SSB LV1 and I’ve decided to switch to medium volume as I’ve got all the time in the world at the moment.

So I just went into my calendar and clicked the Base 2 thingy and switched it to medium volume. It adjusted as per normal, except for the very first Wednesday ride (today) after the ramp test, it randomly plopped in Goddard -4 rather than the normal Petit. Everything else lines up normally.

Is this a glitch or should I do the ride? If it’s supposed to be basically a recovery ride, I’d hate to ruin my week by doing the harder Goddard -4 over Petit.

You’re welcome to ride Pettit instead of Goddard -4 for today’s ride.

It’s not so much a glitch as it is a result of changing your plan volume after completing a Ramp Test the day prior.

By changing the plan volume today, we move the start date of the week to today. We start each block with a Ramp Test unless you’ve completed one recently — in which case we replace the normally scheduled workout with Goddard -4. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Nick!

That makes perfect sense to me.

Awesome! You’re very welcome.

Fantastic job with last year’s training by the way. :metal:

Best of luck this year!

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