Is there value anymore?

Several months ago my TR subscription auto renewed again, but lately I’ve been wondering if there’s still value in continuing with TR. I’m a triathlete that uses trainingpeaks, wko, garmin and TrainerRoad as my main platforms. All my cycling training is done with TR, I tend to follow the prescribed swim workouts, but do my own running workouts. I’ve done the same plan for the past 4 years now and seen improvement every year.

I’ve read the threads and comments about people dropping TrainingPeaks and can’t understand why. I use the calendar and analysis capabilities of trainingpeaks as it far outperforms TrainerRoad. As well, TR is clear about not doing anything useful with swims and runs on their platform for some undetermined amount of time. However once TR plan builder works well that could be useful in the future. But for now, all I’m paying for is a yearly subscription to the same plan over and over. At least with trainingpeaks I can buy a plan once and reuse it over and over. As well trainingpeaks is significantly less expensive than TR.

So before I make any rash decisions someone tell me where’s the value In TR for my use case.

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  1. Money is spent, so might as well maintain use for the next 9-10 months, and see where they are just before the next auto renewal. I don’t expect the full suite of tri stuff by then, but who knows what they will release before then?

  2. Keeping your already spent subscription holds you onto grandfathered pricing (assuming you were paid before the most recent price increase), so you will be better off than canceling and re-subscribing at a higher price.

  3. It sounds like you have been using the existing setup and seeing gains. Stagnation would mean change is in order. Gains are great and even though there may be more elsewhere, you can keep with the devil you know (to misuse that phrase a bit).

Those are the simple and pragmatic reasons that jump to mind.


I read this question as “is structured training worth it?” which unequivocally it is. But you are your own barometer, if you don’t think it makes you faster then spend your dollar as you will!


If you’re still gaining fitness than why are you even asking this? I am confusion.


The question isn’t whether structured is worth it. I know it is. The question is whether structured training with TrainerRoad is worth it when the same can be achieved elsewhere for cheaper?

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Im not canceling before my subscription expires. However I’m approaching cognitive stagnation and wondering if the same can be had elsewhere for cheaper.

In my opinion, yes TR is still valuable. My wife is using Zwift plans and I find them questionable. I think you could probably study a copy of Training With Power and build your own plans that do make you faster, but I personally enjoy the TR platform.

You are free to pursue other options in any event. TR is paid, so you can test training in another field to see how it goes with no additional consequence.

Then you can decide how it all went in the new place just before the next renewal and act accordingly.


Yeah, I was debating the same thing recently since my renewal was today. I decided to keep it for another year to give myself more time to decide whether something else may work better for me. I’m grandfathered in at $99/year so it made the decision easier.

There’s your answer.


I’m on my second year of TR - did SSBHV1/2 - and then got ill in SPB so cut down to MV as I only had a few weeks before UK time trialling started due to having most of Feb off the bike when ill. I still used TR even though I as racing April - Oct by adding VO2 max sessions to keep me sharp and some SS/threshold if I didn’t have a race - plus outdoor rides. TR got my FTP from 236 - 280W at 61kg before I got ill. I retested in November and it was 289W and I started SSB MV1 as I found - 1/ HV made me ill and 2/ I seem to respond well to a bit of intensity - I’m 51 - use it or lose it. I’ve added some TSS to some of the MV plan (+1 versions etc) and I enjoy tweeking sessions based on Chad’s overall guidelines - e.g I have been doing some SS work with sprints - a bit like the Clark session in MV2 - and scoured the workout library for ideas. So I think it’s a great resource for £100 ish - I enjoy modifying with my own ideas to see if it works - I love the way TR links with my Kickr snap and ERG mode works perfectly - the calendar keeps me honest if I think about skipping a day and of course there are all you like minded people out there to chat with plus receive/give advice on the forum. For the money I think it’s a bargain :grinning: Plus my FTP is now 295W at the start of SSBMV2 - so still heading the right way.

I dropped training peaks a while ago, admittedly there is a massive amount of work TR needs to do on the analytics side but I felt the calendar updates were now enough to get by without paying out twice. TP was making me a slave to CTL, with TR if I am following a plan that will take of itself, I won’t be focusing on TSS just focusing on the workouts.

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I’ve been using the new year to reconsider various subscriptions and whether they’re worth keeping. Many are not – even ones with excellent content. The key (for me) is whether I’m accessing a sufficiently varied amount of that content on a regular basis to warrant ongoing payments. In my case, for TR, the answer is yes, so it stays. But on a certain site dedicated to mobility work, for example, I found I only accessed the video library a few times a month, and even then I usually did the same 3-4 routines. Excellent content and production quality, but once I learned what I need to meet my needs, the value of an ongoing subscription becomes questionable. I reached a similar conclusion regarding a subscription to a site (two, actually) devoted to MTB skills.

If my indoor training consisted of 3-5 workouts that I repeated continuously, TR likely would not make the cut. Of course you can do structured training without TR, and of course you can improve using other services (or with no other service at all). But for me it’s the combination of a deep workout library and the user engagement (i.e., training plans, calendar, TSS chart, PRs) that keeps me consistently engaged with a large number of different workouts that would make TR difficult to do without. But that’s just me; may a thousand flowers bloom…etc.

You say you’re getting increases every year from the TR plans, have you also tried TP plans in the past to make sure you get the same type of results from them? I’d be concerned about losing progress when switching if not.

For me personally, I don’t use TP because I don’t think it does anything that TR doesn’t. The extra analytics I don’t find to be useful and the user interface isn’t nearly as good. I’m a cyclist only though, so I can’t say anything about the triathlon issues.

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You’ve kind of described two different use cases; data analytics/calendaring and training plans.

If you’re a decently sophisticated user of TP +WKO for data analysis, TR does not play in that higher end space so yes, it has no added value as far as analysis is concerned. As a training calendar, TR is closer but the nod still goes to TP.

As for training plans and workouts TR, while not the only game in town, is in the mix for “best of class” depending on your personal preferences. TP lets you buy plans or input your own, but by itself, its not a training tool out of the box.

So, if all your using TR for is data analysis and calendaring, TP + WKO is a way better solution if you’re using their features.

On the other hand, if you like the TR plan your doing, why would you drop TR? If you don’t like your TR plan, why would you keep it?

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The plans have been continually tweaked so I doubt the all the plan/workouts from year one are exactly the same today even if they do share the same names. You are paying for that continual improvement and refinement. Plus now with Plan Builder you have the potential of getting a more diverse and different structured plan than just cycling through base/build/specialty.

Just my 2 cents.

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Unfortunately, this is the way the world works today. You aren’t given the choice to purchase products anymore. You want to edit photographs? Sorry you will be paying a subscription to adobe. Even if you are just doing basic editing and don’t need any of their advanced features? Too bad, there is no basic product. Need to back up your computer? How about this subscription based cloud backup? Oh and as the size of your backup increases you need to pay more and more as they get their hooks deeper into you. Even better the subscriptions allow companies to collect your data consistently which is the ultimate marketing and development tool.

The most fair price to consumers would be to pay for a product and then be offered to buy an upgrade when the upgrade come out. You get the choice to buy into it or not, or just keep your basic product. Or what about add-ons?

With the current trends in the market you are financing the development of a company even if you don’t care about the developments and just want the original product. This isn’t just a TR issue.


So true, paying for future promises that may or may not be delivered.