Is there a way to sort and search outdoor workouts?

I have a 90 minute workout scheduled (Echo), but I only have 60 minutes. I can choose a -4 version (Echo -4) but I also want to do it outdoors.
However, the outdoor version of Echo -4 is 90 minutes long (and incidentally, appears to be almost exactly the same as the outdoor version of Echo…?).

Is there a way to search for outdoor workouts by zone, and length?

In this case, I am training around a velodrome, so I can get exactly the same benefits as being on a trainer - I’m not worried about having to stop for traffic or hills or road furniture.

Hey! There currently isnt a feature for this (and we do have existing requests for it, and hope to incorporate it soon!), but if you feel like your circumstance is different outside compared to the athletes that deal with things like having to get to the interval spot, navigating other bike traffic on closed paths once you start your ride, having to slow to pass other riders/runners on the path occasionally, etc., it sounds like you’ll be best suited to exercise some agency in determining 1) if you’ve done your outside workout and the intervals are completed, and 2) if you feel like you haven’t deviated from the primary objective of the workout. If so, you should feel free to cut it short.

In your case, its probably best to focus more on the workout and effort assigned in Plan Builder / the workout that meets your needs rather than overall outside time!

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Sometimes when I can’t find the right workout but something similar, I just use masking tape with instructions on my stem based on a TR workout. Something like WU 15min 135-250, 3x 3m 340 3m RBI, 5 RBS, 20m Z2 and use the lap button on my bolt. It’s what I used to do before TR anyhow and I do 90% of my workouts outdoors.