Is there a technical term?

Hey there,

maybe you know this: the day(s) after really hard efforts, my mood is sometimes low and I am a bit grumpy. This is due to fatigue/overreaching.
Is there a technical term for this phenomenon? (asking for my wife :wink:)

man flu :roll_eyes:

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Poor girl.

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CTFU syndrome
cheer the **** up

Seriously though, are you refuelling and sleeping properly afterwards? Are the sessions late at night?

Go for a ride?

Seriously though: Probably cured by eating more and resting a bit.

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Welcome to what my wife gets to experience as training loads increase.

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That is probably lack of rest and bad refuelling.

I think the term you are looking for is: “bad recovery” or "overtraining":grimacing:

“when the magic happens”

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Thanks for your resonance!
I enjoyed your word findings a lot!
I was just wondering if there is a technical term in science for this fatigue related mood.

Just for clarification: I experience this not after a hard workout but after a week of 2x Mount Ventoux, travel and Tourmalet + Col d‘Aubisque.
So clearly rest was needed :wink:.