Is the session Mount Feld supposed to be difficult?

I am trying to gauge my fatigue, and on Friday I did a one hour 3x12min at 85% and felt pretty bad after the effort.

On paper it seems like it should be 6/10 in effort, but It really cracked me.


Not really, IMO. It’s a low Difficulty Level, tempo power workout with decent recovery and manageable 0.79 IF.


If you’re not used to longer than 10 min intervals it could be difficult. Sometimes length out weights intensity for me.


I don’t think I’ve done an structured interval longer than eight minutes before, and that was just last week. I’ve done the crit plan last year and i think that was mostly over unders.


What works for me, if I’m struggling, is to change up my cadence a lot.

To start, maybe you could try longer (5-6 min) recoveries. Once you get used to doing longer intervals, short recoveries will not feel bad at all. But perhaps that’s another thing that’s making it difficult to start. I mean, if you are totally unused to intervals, then maybe it’s this or the length of the intervals. This is easy for many of us, and I am sure it will be easy for you too, but it’s possible you have to build up to there.

Are you actually pretty fatigued right now? That would also make it harder, but I assume you’ve thought of that.

The other thing is that perhaps your FTP has been overestimated. This can happen to anaerobic heavy athletes. The AI system should reduce your FTP estimate based on your post-workout surveys.

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No reduction in ftp after, and no adjustments were made. I rated it as very hard citing intensity.

I don’t think that I am terribly fatigued at the moment. Things have been pretty chill honestly, and I am taking my rest days pretty serious.

What prompted you to gauge your fatigue?

Were you feeling particularly fatigued (or particularly sprightly)?

What have you done since Friday and how do you feel now?

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Nearly felt like I was gonna vom. Yesterday I spent most of the morning on the couch, did some shopping, and was at my hobby desk with a nice youtube session sorted. Currently in the middle of Beacon -3 and i am having a tough time.

Beacon -3 is certainly tougher than Mountfield.

How was it rated for you today by TR on the Recovery/Achievable/Productive/Stretch/Breakthrough scale?

Do you need more rest? For example, what does the TR Red Light / Green Light system show on your calendar?

Would you benefit from a once over by a Dr?

Its rated as productive, and I had to drop to 95% on interval 4 and 90% on five before bowing out halfway through five. Tomorrows ride was a two hour endurance at 50% or so, but that got changed to recess with a yellow light.

Breakfast was light with just grits and an egg, and lunch was cereal today, so fuelling today definitely did not help.

If you completed the workout, call it good and move on, no point in focusing on a “struggling success.” If you failed to complete the workout, then get into the weeds.

I’ve only completed that workout twice, back in 2020, and its pretty clear that neither time caused ME, AT THAT TIME, to struggle. I’m not special, but I am pretty good at estimating my capabilities on any given day. And (this is all pre AI/PL) I shredded the second (covid lockdown year workout) pretty hard.

Screen Shot 2024-06-23 at 7.35.24 PM


Honestly if you are not super fatigued or Sick and you can’t do 3x12 min at 85% or it cracks you, then the FTP is just set way to high, because then it sounds like you did a Threshold workout and are not used to longer intervals…


As @mcneese.chad said, Mount Field shouldn’t be terribly difficult.

Part of your trouble sounds like it could be along the lines of what @TrekCentury mentioned – if you aren’t used to doing intervals longer than 10 minutes in length, you may just need a period of adjustment to get used to those longer efforts.

It also seems like your fueling could be improved from what you described in this thread. Even if Mount Field isn’t supposed to be the most challenging workout in our library, it is still a demanding session that requires proper fueling and hydration going into it.

Here are a few TR resources that might help you get that dialed in:

And, of course, make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep! Proper rest is key to supporting good training as well.

Try out some of those tips and see how your next few workouts go. Hopefully it helps you out!