Is it the right time in the plan to do this ride as a goal?

Hello everyone!

I’m currently finishing the build plan (Mid Volume) in the Climbing Road Race plan, my FTP is currently 251, and I started but didn’t have a race in mind, just wanted to improve my fitness, I already finished SSBMVI, SSBMVII, SPBMVI, SPBMVII. I wanted to do a nice-hard ride before my birthday on March 29 as a goal for this part of the year (it will match with the end of the specialty plan).

The ride will be something very similar to this one (most training route for Egan Bernal). The hardest parts for me are these two climbs: (15.73km at 3.5%) (21.72 at 6.4%)

My question is if it’s the right time in the plan to do it or I’ll be carrying too much training load at that point to accomplish that goal? I don’t have a specific time in mind, I just want to finish it and not die trying.

Also, it is a good idea to have one rest week after finishing the specialty plan? or can I continue to the SSBMVI again after finishing the whole Climbing Road Race plan?

Thanks for your help or if you need something else from me.