Is it possible to break the ramp test?

What if you don’t know your FTP, put in one that is too low and you complete the last step of the test? Or does it know to keep adding increasingly difficult steps until you stop?

Try it and see :grin:

It’ll keep stepping up.

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As said, the test will automatically extended until you break. The last step will be whenever you pop, be that 10 minutes or over an hour (which happens sometimes).

You might break it if you exceed 10,000 watts.

@mcneese.chad, can TR handle 5 digit wattage?


BOOST for sure!

OK correction:

In C# an int (signed) has a max value of 2,147,483,647.

So if you exceed that in watts you may crash TR.


Yeah, but I think ANT+ (so probably also the Bluetooth protocols?) transmits power as a 16-bit signed integer – so 32767.

Wouldn’t be too hard to find out…

I run ANT+ a lot, but I topped out my last ramp test at 31,328W. Sorry.


My first ramp test took more than 40 minutes, since somehow I started with an FTP of 120 which was about half of what I actually had. (I never entered an FTP value in Trainerroad when I started)

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An hour? :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

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