Is Guard +1 workout killer for everyone?

Oh yeah, Guard +1 is super hard.

I often have to take a 10 second backpedal in the last 1 or 2 intervals.

I should have switched to resistance mode. ERG was impossible. I was not admitting defeat and refused to switch. After the sprints coming back down to the 107% didn’t work well at all. Yet, still painful.

I had Guard+1 on my calendar yesterday. Looking at it, I thought, eh, shouldn’t be too bad, I’ll probably throw a 2x12 SS workout on afterward. Yeh… that didn’t happen. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I’m fine with the 107% part, but Oh. My. God. those seemingly harmless 8s sprints are killer (maybe I should have stood up for them?). I think some of it is mental, too, knowing that each sprint is harder than the one before it. Really made me wonder if I didn’t eat enough during the day or something and wasn’t fueled up for it. Mentally in a bit of a funk recently, too, makes it hard to dig deep. The day before I did do Half Dome (5x8@85%) instead of Taku, but I usually don’t have any problems with recovery. My older daughter came down and asked if I want to do a puzzle with her before dinner, so I seized the opportunity to cut it short by an interval. I rarely don’t finish a workout, so I have a score to settle with Guard+1 soon.